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RTC Roundup – North America 2016 Edition – Top 10 Tweets


Of #RTCNA – 2016 Edition

One of the things I love about RTC events is the community and their love of Twitter. Even if you aren’t at the event you feel like you’re there because of the play-by-play you get on Twitter. In honor of this, I have put together my Top 10 Tweets and Twitter Threads from RTCNA 2016.

Just a quick word of warning, for a post about 10 tweets it is really, REALLY long! (but totally worth the read)


Yes I know 11 is more than 10, but sometimes you need to break the rules and turn the nob up to 11. The reason for breaking the rules is show the the Future of RTCNA is strong.


The great people that bring RTC to life every year, or as @jimbalding called them the “Heart and Soul of RTC”.

The work of the folks at RTC is never done, as soon as one event is over they start planning the next as this tweets from @PhilRead shows.

Of course even this hard working team needs a little fun, as these tweets from @RTCEvents ,and @Chipnuts showcase.

We also can’t forget to thanks @Steve_Stafford for talking @wesleybenn into bringing RTC to North America in the first place.


The collective gang from @ReadThomasBIM , @Enscape3d , and @bimstoreUS really kicked it up a notch on their exhibition hall booth – The Archaide!


The Gala Dinner (which shared its date with a special VIP)

Was all about Great Food,

Great Costumes,

Great Music, and of course the need for a little more Cow Bell!

And we can’t forget the Photo booth.

See all the pics on Facebook


The classes, the reason we all go to RTCNA…..or at least the reason we tell out bosses we go to RTCNA.


The little nuggets of wisdom that are released on Twitter during RTC so those that can’t attend are still informed.


Two words: Flow Rider (okay it’s actually FLOWRIDER)

And two more words: Pool Party


I think everyone knew it coming in, but the HEAT of an Arizona July is really something else!


Who could forget the AWESOME @CSuAmericaSoft After part on Thursday night……well actually I bet there are more than a few people that might be a little fuzzy on the details.

And we can’t forget the free iPads!


It is always exciting to find out where next years RTCNA event will be, and this year was no exception. Be sure to pack your long underwear because RTCNA 2017 is head to the Great White North – Toronto, Ontario, Canada. #RTCNeh


I’m pretty sure was all know what #1 is. The man in the flashing jacket and his kick ass Keynote address earns the top spot in this year’s Top 10 Tweets of RTCNA 2016!

And we can’t forget the iPads.

Of course, this list is very subjective, and really could have easily been the top 50 tweets. Why don’t you take a look at the #RTCNA  (or #RTCNA2016) search and find your own Top 10…..or 50 if you prefer!

A final parting Tweet for those heading to RTCNA 2017, remember it’s not in Vegas…..

See you in Toronto in 2017 eh!


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