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Weekly Roundup – 2016.12


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of March 20th, 2016 – March 26th, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off  with asking if you are using FormIt 360 for more than just massing (which you TOTALLY should  be) if you are (or even if you’re not) you need to check out this post from Jarod Schultz on his Blog.

FormIt 360 – Array for Curtain Wall Layout

One of the hot topics this week was that Autodesk released ACAD 2017, below are some posts about the latest versions of ACAD.

Autodesk Ships AutoCAD 2017    (TenLinks)

AutoCAD/LT2017 (aka Nautilus): Up Periscope!   (LT is still AutoCAD)


AutoCAD 2017 – What’s new and a Free 30 Day Trial    (CAD Intentions)

AutoCAD 2017: It’s… Alive!    (AutoCAD Blog)

Learn what’s coming in AutoCAD 2017    (cadline Technology Blog)

AutoCAD 2017 Released    (Jarod Schultz via Linkedin)

Autodesk Releases AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2017    (

This week is the the 3rd in a series by The BIM Jedi about Training Strategies.

Training Strategy Part 3  (Part 1, Part 2)

Its only been a week since the update release of BIM After Dark V3, but check out this case study from the Revit Kid.

Customer Case Study – BIM After Dark: Volume 3

If you are using FormIt 360 for more than just massing, you need to check out this post

Check out this post from landarchBIM, come questions have been answered, but who’s listening (FYI I saw Lauren‘s RTC EUR 2015 Presentation, she knows what she’s talking about).

Information Modeling, from ASLA’s The Field

Now for some more Revit, Dynamo, and Topo knowledge from the landarchBIM Blog.

Import CSV and LandXML

Speaking of Dynamo, they released a small but important update this week, so head over to the Dynamo Blog and start downloading the update now.

Dynamo 0.9.2 hot fix

Another great Revit tip from RVIT.

Quick Tip – Local Files and Disk Space

Speaking of helpful “Tips” posts, here are a couple from Synergis Blog.



Still one more tip, this one from the AUGI Library.

Two-Click Coordination

Well thinking about Tips, sometimes those can also be refreshers for things you learned long ago, like this post from Revit OpEd.

Temporary Dimensions and Activate Dimensions

Revit 2016 Missing Content after Installation

Revit Incompatible with Custom Display Scales

Always good to know how to handle materials in Revit, brush up on your skills in this post from Engineering .com

Applying Materials in Revit

Keeping with Materials and Revit, check out this post from the cadline BIM Blog.

Revit 2016 – Original Materials and Phase Filters

We have looked at Tips, Refreshers, now lets see a post about a workaround for Revit from the RevitCat.

Copy Revit Model View Contents

Time to check out whats new in the world of RTC, from the RTC New Blog.

Do we build “Content” or User Experiences? Thinking about the #BCS50…

Look Who’s Talking…

We’re A Community, Not A Country Club

LEGO: The Architect’s Fountain of Youth

Check out the new AEC/BIM Podcast that came out this week.

Episode 030 – William Wong    (Designalyze)

Episode 47 – Series: Rooms – Bathrooms    (The Architech Show)

ConTechTrio LIVE at #MCAA_2016 MCAA National Conference – Putting the”i” in BIM with @SysQue    (ConTechTrio)

ConTechTrio LIVE at #MCAA_2016 with @MCAAGeek Sean McGuire talking Mechanical Tech    (ConTechTrio)

ConTechTrio LIVE at #MCAA_2016 with Matt Abeles from @BuiltWorlds    (ConTechTrio)

Episode 1.9 – Construction Apps to Manage Safety w/ Peter Grant     (ConTechTrio)

If you missed last weeks ConTechTrio Podcast here is a great recap from the ConAppGuru Blog.

The ConTechTrio Podcast 1.8 (Photos) RECAP

Speaking of Podcasts here is a good post from the ConAppGuru about Construction based Podcasts.

Top Podcast Shows for Construction for 2016

What does Luke over at What Revit Wants have for us this week.

Updating or Merging the Model Content in a Revizto Cloud Project

Exciting new things coming from Nate and the gang over at The Proving Ground Blog.

LunchBox + New Tools Underway

Lets move away from the “Proving Ground” and over to the zoo to see what the Parametric Monkey came up with this week.

Sydney Computational Design Group

This week gives us new and improved (can it really be both) markup function in BIM 360 Docs. (BIM 360 Blog)

BIM 360 Docs Bolsters Support for Design & Constructability Reviews

This next post from the AECbytes Blog is about a concept, and a book both worth a look and read.

Data-Driven Design and Construction

Now lets take another look at Revit and the copy monitor feature, this time from the Applying Technology to Architecture Blog.

Revit Copy Monitor Item Change Notification

Its that time of the week again, when we take a look at the Guru’s Gatherings, from the ConAppGuru Blog.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction March 25, 2016

This is a helpful little post for upgrading your Revit library, from Beside The Cursor.

Using DOS and VBScript to Upgrade your Revit Library for Free

I know a lot of people are not fans of SketchUp of they use Revit, but if you do use both (or people in your firm use both) them this post from the KM Blog might be helpful.

SketchUp to Revit with Dynamo

This post my come in handy if you are the one that does all the deployments at your office, from the Revit Coaster.

PDQ Deploy and Inventory for Autodesk and other applications

Lets see what new in the world of Dynamo Nodes.

Copy File List to New Directory

Get DYF Dependencies through Recursion v1


I will end this weeks RoundUp with a post of a new, cheap 3D printer that blasted onto the Kickstarter scene this week.

Meet OLO – a smartphone powered 3D printer    (Develop 3D Blog)


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