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Weekly Roundup – 2015.08


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Feb. 22nd – 28th, 2015.

I will start this weeks Roundup with a post from the BIM Jedi that’s about AR and VR.

More on AR and VR…..

Here are a couple quick little posts from Revit OpEd worth a check.

Video Setting and DPI

Import CAD – Orient to View

Revit MEP – Electrical Wire Size

Shared Parameters and Shared Definitions

This is a neat post from What Revit Wants about a white paper created by Andy Black.

Hospital Design whitepaper for Download

Another post from What Revit Wants, this time about a new (updated) and free Revit add-in from BIMOne.

Automatically Visualize Your Revit Model by parameter Values with Color

This next post is from ConAppGuru about what Apps for Construction to watch in 2015.

Apps for Construction to Watch in 2015

This is an interesting post from Revit OpEd. I’ve always talked about the invert colour option for Revit (when bring in CAD files) but never did the work to see what the inverted colour really are.

Importing CAD Files and Invert Colours



This is a new blog to me, BIM BOOM BAM, but I think this is a good post about making Revit/BIM more complicated than it needs to be.

Are we making Revit/BIM too complicated?

Here are some Tips & Tricks for Revit, from CAD Shack, enjoy.

Top 20 Revit Tips, Tricks, and Handy Tools

Here is a great article about BIM services (and scope creep) from Practical BIM.

Define your BIM Services

Here is a quick and add-in free way to set your 3D view Scope box, check it out over at What Revit Wants.

Addin-free method to set 3D View Section Box to Match Scope Box

Have you ever wanted to create a space planning diagram in Revit? If so then check out this post from Revittize

Color plan by Mass Object

This next post is from the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog, and its about Revit family origins.

Copy/Monitor Realities – Revit family Origin 

Here is a post for you Bluebeam users out there, from Carol’s Construction Technology Blog.

Bluebeam 2015 Tip: How to Add Cloud+ to Profiles, Tool Chest and Tool Bars

Autodesk has gratuated a product from it’s labs to beta, and if you like reality capture then you should check it out while its still free. Learn more about Memento from this blog post from In The Fold.

High Definition 3D Reality Computing Takes Step Forward

Here is another, but more indepth post from Revit OpEd, about Toposurface.

Toposurface from a text File

More about Topography and Revit, this time with the help of Dynamo, see the post the blog Enjoy Revit.

Dealing with Topography in Dynamo

Here are some more great tip about Dynamo from Marcello over at Simply Complex

What are the real Category names in Dynamo BIM?…It Depends…

Want to Select all Loadable Revit Family Instances Using DynamoBIM?

How to set Pilaster Height equal to grade Beam depth using DynamoBIM

I will end this weeks Roundup with a post about BIM and Team work from BIMbicycle.

Putting “Team” in “BIM Team”



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