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Weekly Roundup – 2015.04


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Jan. 25th – 31st, 2015.

This first post if from a new to me blog, but one I was glad to find. There just is not enough BIM blogs about landscape architecture. Check out the these latest posts from landscape architecture + BIM

Site Analysis with Detail Components

Detail Components in the Landscape

Scaleable Landscape Families

And here is a couple new posts from landscape architecture + BIM fresh for this week.

Complex Planting Graphics

Worksets in Landscape

This next post comes from the IMAGINiT Support Blog, and helps with getting shared parameters from project to family.

Revit: How to get Shared Parameters from Project to Family

The reviews are in and people love BIM After Dark Volume 2 from the Revit Kid (I bought my copy on release day!)

BIM after Dark (B.A.D) Volume 2 Reviews

Are you looking for a “click saver” for working with slab edges? Well Jarod has the answer foryou over at his blog Jarod Schultz

Revit floor/Slab edge

As reported a week or 2 back Autodesk is closing Subscription Center, read more from CAD-a-Blog

Autodesk to close Subscription Centre

Here is another post about the new Autodesk Account that is replacing the Subscription Centre, posted by iRevit.

Autodesk Account to replace Autodesk Subscription Centre

If you aren’t a programmer, but thought it might be fun to try playing with the Revit API and maybe has some nice macros, then is the perfect post for you. I found this post thanks to What Revit Wants, and its located in the AUGI library, also be sure to check out Troy’s blog (author) Revit Coaster.

Introduction to Revit Macros

Speaking of Tory and his blog Revit Coaster, he has a new post about his latest update to the free Revit add-ins he makes with help from the Revit Consortium (LA Revit User Group). I have these installed on my Revit, and I talked about them in my AU2014 class.

BIM Consortium Revit Addin Bug Fix Edition 

Well talking about Revit add-ins check out this post from the BIM Jedi about a cool Revit site add-in from Boost Your BIM.

Cool Revit App

One of my favourite blogs to read, doesn’t get a lot of posts, but what it does they  are great. Check out the latest offering from Epic BIM

VDC/BIM is it Darwin or Guy Fawkes?

Another quick post with some new info from What Revit Wants, this time telling us about the newest version of Screencast (I also talked about this at AU2014).

Autodesk Screencast Pilot Program – version 1.6 for download

This next post is about a neat new feature in A360 that allows composite files to be uploaded, fined out more in this A360 Blog post.

A360 and Composite Upload

More 2015 Trends, this time its a top 5 from BIMbicycle

5 BIM Trends for 2015

Now a year in review post fro 2014, this time from arCHI-lab about Dynamo and its rise to fame in 2014.

The year of Dynamo 2014

Another Dynamo post from arCHI-lab about deleting duplicate families using dynamo.

 Deleting duplicate families for Dynamo 0.7.x

Now for some learning, check out this Revit Structural tutorial by the Autodesk Revit Structure blog.

Revit Structural Tutorial – Structural Opening Families

For those of you still out there using ACAD with out the Ribbon, this is for you……get your toolbars back in 2015 from Between the Lines blog.

How can I restore the “classic” AutoCAD interface with menus and toolbars?

While we are talking about software updates, this is a great addition to the BIM 360 Glue functionality as it relates to Revit. Find out more at the Beyond Design Blog

Revit to BIM 360 Glue improvements

Another quick and handy tip from What Revit Wants, this time about the Revit Ribbon.

Using Save and Load Selection in the Revit Family Environment

Now for some info on Navisworks from Hagerman & Company Blog about using PDF’s for takeoffs in Navisworks (I talked about this add-in as part of my AU2014 class)

Enable PDF Takeoff’s with Autodesk Navisworks

Here is an oldie but a goodie (all the way back to 2014) about the MANY issues that can come from have DWG’s in your Revit files. Check out more over at Fear and Loathing in a CAD vs BIM world.

DWG’s in Revit – Clean them or Don’t use them – EVER!

Another Oldie but goodie (just add 2 new parts first part of this year) is this series of blog posts from the RevitCat about Revit’s most hidden commands.

Revit’s Most Hidden Commands – April 2013

Revit’s Most Hidden Commands – Part 2 – December 2014

Revit’s Most Hidden Commands – Part 3 – January 2015

Revit’s Most Hidden Commands – Part 4 – January 2015

Underlay Troubleshooting in Revit, brought to you by HOK BIM Solutions Blog.

Troubleshooting Underlays in Revit

If you are looking for some ACAD Tips and Tricks, you might as well get them from the best Lynn Allen (and her Blog).

More AutoCAD Layer Tips and Tricks

I’ve run into this issue myself testing A360 Collaboration for Revit (CFR). See the microsolresources blog for the handy tip.

A360 Collaboration for Revit: Turning the communicator tab on and off

Have you been looking for SketchUp content? When today is (or Jan. 20th was) your lucky day, see more in the Official SketchUp Blog

Introducing 3D Warehouse Detailed Collections (2800 individual piece of content)

Also from the above SketchUp New check out this Crocodile Hunter Easter Egg!



Rob over at Construction App Guru (which I often post about) has launched a new and updated website this week (Jan. 29th, 2015) called ConAppGuru. You should head over and take a look, its more than just a Blog now and looks great!


While at Rob’s new site check out his latest blog post about new SkySite platform.

New SkySite Platform from ARC Document Solutions

This next post was written by Susan Brattberg of Global eTraining and shared on the AUGI page on LinkedIn

3 Reasons you can’t afford to Ignore BIM training in 2015

WOW HOK really does some cool projects in BIM, find out more about the projects and Their 5th annual BIM awards in the post from AECBytes.

HOK’s 5th Annual BIM Awards

This next post is from the best named BIM blog I’ve found out there……BIMbo, and the post is pretty good too. (thanks to ThinkBIM for turning me onto the BIMbo Blog)

BIMbuddies – I would be nothing without them!



Here is a post for all those A360 users out there from the A360 Blog, learn about all the different roles and permissions.

A360 Roles & Permissions

A360 Roles and Permissions


You ever work with Adaptive Components (AC’s) well then you know they are quirky just Phil does over at Phil-osophy of BIM.

AC Quirkiness Part 3 – Adaptive Component Visibility Setting 

If you use a laser scanner and Revit, then you might be interested in the post from iRevit about Scan-to-BIM.


Here is a great post from Case about Dynamo and what is can do, thanks to Jeff at the Revit Kid for pointing it out.

Dynamo: More than Grasshopper Lite

Real World Dynamo Uses by Case Inc. (this is the Revit Kid post on the above Case post)

I will end this weeks post with a cool article from the Business Insider with many GIF’s of what the Atalanta Falcons stadium will look like.

 Take a flight through the futuristic $1.2 Billion Stadium being built for the Atalanta Faclons



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