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BIM 360 Glue Update – July 11th 2014 Edition

This is one of the things I love about BIM 360 Glue, it is constantly getting updates, improvements, and big fixes during the course of the year. It’s not like other Autodesk software were you need to wait until the next version (will be 2016 now) comes out, and hope that the fix or new functionality you are looking for is there.

With this latest update for BIM 360 Glue the focus is on some improvements (some would say much need improvements) to the clash detection side of Glue.

The 3 main additions or improvements are:

  1. Introduction of the Clash Status. This now means you can give clashes one of four new status levels (Open, Ignored, Closed, and Resolved).

7-29-2014 12-08-44 PM

2. Improved clash filtering for easier focus on specific clash issue you care about.

7-29-2014 12-11-19 PM

3. Clash markups!

7-29-2014 12-12-59 PM

7-29-2014 12-14-05 PM

The best part is that these feature are available for new AND existing projects in BIM 360 Glue!

7-29-2014 12-07-19 PM

See the complete rundown on whats new this update (and past updates) here from the “What’s new in BIM 360 Glue” page.


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