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The Sticky Note Says it All!



I have been thinking about doing a blog for a while now and figured its just time to get it done. I actually started setting this blog up back in January, guess it was a New Years resolution.

My idea for this blog is that it will be MY take on all things BIM (I know super original) as well as other cool technology stuff that I come across. I spend a lot of my time at the Office working on the software side, Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360 Glue & Field to name a few.

I would like to try and update this blog weekly, but seeing as it took half a year to do the first post not sure how realistic that is. I also like the idea of doing a weekly roundup of all the best BIM related blogs and news from out on the World Wide Web.

I guess we will see how that all works out, but I’m going to hit the post button now to make this all real.


The BIMsider

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