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Weekly Roundup – 2018.25

The BIMsider’s favourite posts from the world of BIM –  for the week of June 17th – June 23rd, 2018.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a post from the great new AEC comic site powered by Marcello! (The AEC Complex Comic)

The AEC Complex Comic Issue #4 Double 2-page Issue “BIM MODEL”   (issues 0, 1, 2, 3, 5)

2) Some big news from Bentley this week as they buy Synchro, learn more in this post from Extranet Evolution.

Bentley goes 4D, buys Synchro

3) I learn lots from this post from Parametric Monkey.

Glossary of computational terminology

4) All the news from the world of BILT from the RTC News Blog.

Get Innit to Winnit

Winners and Grinners – BILT ANZ

BILT ANZ 2018 Chairman’s Wrap

Are you coming to North America?

Content Content Content

5) A great place to start with your Revit tips is with the template, and that is what Revit Pure did this week.


6) Keeping with the Revit tips, this is a helpful post from CADNOTES.

How to Edit Multiple Revit Instance Parameters in Excel

7) In case you missed any of Dan’s posts this week on his blog BIM Chapters here is his weekly recap.

BIM Chapters Update – Week of 17 June 2018

8) If you use BIM 360 Docs then you need to read this post from What Revit Wants.

Batch Repathing Revit Links to BIM 360 Document Management

9) Here are a couple of posts worth checking out this week from Revit Add-ons.

Critical Mass – 5-Star Rated Revit Add-ins* on the Autodesk App Store

Giant-Size Roundup – For June 4-17, 2018, New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store

10) I will end this week’s Roundup with a snippet from this weeks email newsletter “Thursday Top 5” I got from Michael Kilkelly of ArchSmarter. You can sign up for the weekly update on his website under the “Start Here” tab or by clicking the link HERE.


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