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Weekly Roundup – 2018.21

The BIMsider’s favourite posts from the world of BIM –  for the week of May 20th – May 26th, 2018.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a post, not about BIM, but a member of the BIM Community that had a bad bike accident last week. A post in his words about what happened and how he is doing now, read Colin’s blog No Edge Lines.

An Idle Tuesday

If you would like to help Colin replace his bike you can do so on this gofundme page – ReBike Colin

2) Are you in the mode for some voting? then check out this post from the RevitCat.

Revit Ideas Wishlist Voting

3) All the news from the world of BILT from the RTC News Blog.

BILT NA: Speaker Spotlight!

Building Content Summit (BCS) North America – Speaker Line Up Confirmed!

Data Day Speaker Spotlight: Jon Anunson of AECOM

It’s going to be big…

BILT Europe Speaker Spotlight: Tony Woods

4) Some intro Dynamo training from CADNotes

Introduction to Revit Dynamo: Your First Dynamo Program

5) Some insight into Occupation Evaluations from ArchSmarter

Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluations Go Digital

6) In case you missed any of Dan’s posts this week on his blog BIM Chapters here is his weekly recap.

BIM Chapters Update – Week of 20 May 2018

Roast by KieranTimberlake (My favourite post from Dan last week)

7) Handy Revit tip for a new way to preview your content from Revit Recess.

Preview Revit files in Windows Explorer???


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