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Weekly Roundup – 2018.01

The BIMsider’s favorite posts from the world of BIM –  for the week of Dec. 31st – Jan. 6th, 2018.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a little change, after all, it is the first post of the new year! This year The Weekly Roundup will be a weekly post about my favorite things from the world of AEC & BIM, with a cap of 10 things…I’ve been told that in the past these Roundups could get a little long. Also new this year my weekly feature “The Podcast Roundup”, which will come out in the middle of each week with my favorite podcasts, vodcast, and videos from the week…also capped at 10.

1) The post is one that I’m sure a lot of Autodesk software customers are dealing with, the new subscription-based model of selling (renting) software. Doug from Applying Technology to  Architecture looks at both the good and bad, as he sees it, in his post.

Pricing Transition with Autodesk Software

2) The January 2018 issue of AUGIWorld is out, and it’s already got some fans, see Luke from What Revit Wants post HERE. You can right the full magazine by clicking the link below.

AUGIWorld January 2018

3) If you missed AU 2017 you might not know this but “Forge” is going to take over the world…Check out this post from It’s Alive in the Lab to see one company that is already taking advantage of the platform, and a 2nd post about what’s hot about Forge.

How Astralink powers Augmented Reality utilizing Autodesk Forge

Updated: What’s so hot about that Autodesk Forge thing?

4) Something else that’s going to be BIG in 2018 is the Internet of Things, IoT. I’m not a vault users, but this post from David on the IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog is pretty cool!

Vault Backup Notifications With IoT! It Can Be Done!


5) Of course with it being the beginning of the new year, we must have a 2017 year in Review post, and this is a good one, from Revit Add-ons.

2017 – Year in Review

6) Now for our Dynamo fix for the week, here are 2 posts to hight so awesome Dynamo fun!

Spiral Staircase      (Daniel and Autodesk AEC software)

In the flat field…     (Livingroomcraftz)

7) Looking for a read to make you think, well this week you can find that in this post from Scott over at The BIM Jedi.

Is “Process” creating a culture of mediocrity?

8) It’s not a week in BIM & AEC without some great post from Dan and BIM Chapters!

BIM Chapters Update – Week of 31 December 2017

9) I don’t do much posting about ACAD these days, but I still use from time to time, and in fact, I will be teaching a couple fundamentals classes in the coming weeks so it seemed fitting to find a place for this post from The AutoCAD Blog this week.

All New! Lynn Allen’s 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

10) I will end this week’s Roundup with a video from the B1M about the top construction tech of 2018.

8 Construction Tech Trends To Watch In 2018

Until next week,


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