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BILT Roundup – North America 2017 Edition – Top 10 Tweets


Of #BILTNA – 2017 Edition

One of the things I love about RTC events is the community and their love of Twitter. Even if you aren’t at the event you feel like you’re there because of the play-by-play you get on Twitter. In honor of this, I have put together my Top 10 Tweets and Twitter Threads from BILTNA 2017.

Just a quick word of warning, for a post about 10 tweets it is really, REALLY long! (but totally worth the read)

Up top 10 + 2….the BILT Hangover

…and the pictures to help you remember.



Yes I know 11 is more than 10, but technically these tweets are about next years BILTNA.


Remeber its BILT now, don’t say the “R” acronym or you have to put money on the “swear” jar.


BILT North America 2017 was in Canada eh!



Exhibit Hall Fun

& Glorious Gadgets


The Friday Night Event

The rides to and from the event

…and the after Friday night event party

…then the decompression session



The classes, the reason we all go to BILTNA…..or at least the reason we tour out bosses we go to BILTNA.


The little nuggets of wisdom that are released on Twitter during BILT so those that can’t attend are still informed.


The Stickers!


The Gala Dinner

…and the food….

… The costume contest…

….we can’t forget the Photobooth…

…and one more decompression session.



Wesley is always cleaning up…


The BIMion’s Tweets – Love the ever changing sign!

Of course, this list is very subjective and really could have easily been the top 50 tweets. Why don’t you take a look at the #BILTNA  (or #BILTNA2017) search and find your own Top 10…..or 50 if you prefer!

A couple of final parting Tweets to get your ready for the next BILTNA.

See you in St. Louis in 2018


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