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Weekly Roundup – 2017.14

The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of Apr. 2nd – Apr. 8th, 2017.


I’m going to start this week with a promise, not from me but from Generative Design. Find out more in this post from world-architects.

The Promise of Generative Design

It was a big week for Dynamo this week with Release 1.3 coming out, find out about all the goodness in this post from the Dynamo Blog.

Dynamo 1.3 Release

Some updates to the UI++ package for Dynamo this week, learn more in this post from Data|Shapes.


Now time for the week that was in Revit Add-ons.

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for March 27 – April 2, 2017

This week’s AEC/BIM Podcasts


E73 Dan Stine Got Shanghaied   (BIMThoughts)

25: 7 Cutting Edge Tech Tools that are Disrupting Design – with Bill Debevc    (Constructrr)

Exclusive Interview & Reactions from #GBK17   (ConTechTrio)


E 62 Tracking Changes in BIM with Christian Proulx from BIMTrack    (ConTechTrio)

28 – BURST    (podCADing)

Episode 58 – Joe goes to BILT Asia 2017     (The Architech Show)

This YouTube series will follow Marcello as he teaches Zero Touch (and C#) in Dynamo to the masses, this is the first episode. (Simply Complex YouTube Channel)

Intro to Zero Touch 101(creating a custom node that creates a dynamo point)

The news from the wonderful world of RTC/BILT from the RTC News Blog.

BILT Asia 2017: SUCCESS!

We’re Over Here

Committee Confessions Chapter Six: The Verdict is in!

Pack Your Neon!

If you are a fan of Dynamo and the Simply Complex empire that Marcello runs, then this post is for you. (Simply Complex Blog)

The “Simplex”custom Dynamo Node Package has finally been released!

Once again another busy week over at BIM Chapters.

AutoCAD 2018 and Revit Compatibility

Revizto; Live Sections from Sheets

Revit Materials: Model Pattern Position

BIMThoughts Podcast; Episode 73

Revit Properties Filter

Learn How to Create the Revizto Sample Model

Revit Updates; New Sidebar Page

Revit Ideas

Duplicating a Material and its Assets

Similar to Dan, Luke also has a tonne of great content this week over at What Revit Wants.

How To Freely Switch Between Internet Browsers and Keep All Your Passwords in Sync

How To Fix A Revit Model When Duct and Pipe Fittings are Always Created Undefined

How Lumion 7.3 with LiveSync to Revit Can Help You Design and Present More Efficiently

Autodesk 2018 Free Viewer Download Links (Design Review, TrueView, Inventor View)

Who wants to create some metal decking with Revit, well head on over to the revitIQ blog.


Here is a post, about Dynamo from a new blog to me Revit Stew.

Park It There, I Need To Count

The big news from Groundbreak 2017 from the ConAppGuru.

Reactions from Big News at Groundbreak 2017

I’m sure by now you have heard about the new subscription model Autodesk has moved to, but if not find out about it in this post from the Hagerman Blog.

Moving to a Subscription Business Model: Changes for Autodesk Maintenance Customers

How about some fun with Global Parameters! (RevitCat)

Transferring Global Parameters Between Revit Projects

It is that time of year, check out what new in ACAD 2018 with Lynn Allen (AutoCAD Blog)

Webinar Registration Open: Lynn Allen on AutoCAD 2018

Who doesn’t want to find things easier, learn how in this post from CADNotes.

Navigate and Find Files Easier in File Dialog Box

A lot can happen in a year, find out what the BIM Freak has been up to.

A Year Later…

Who knew Design Review was still a thing…(It’s Alive in the Lab)

New Autodesk Design Review Available for Download

So do you want smooth or stepped steps? (Revit OpEd)

Smooth or Stepped Stair Setting

Get your sorting and grouping on in this post from ArchSmarter.

Advanced Sorting and Grouping using Dynamo

The April issue of AUGIWorld is not out, check it out at AUGI.

AUGIWorld April 2017 Issue

This really seems to be a heavy YouTube week, ere is another great post with a video, this time from The Architect’s Digital Design Guide.

The One About the Curvey Curves

This next post is for you V-Ray users, from BIM Outsourcing.

Tips To Fine-Tune Particular Components Of A Render Image With V-Ray For Revit

I will end this week’s Roundup with the results from March CADness also from the AutoCAD Blog.

Your March CADness Champion: LINE

Until Next Week,


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