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Come Play BIMGO at #AU2016

If you are heading to Autodesk University in Vegas in a few days in (Nov. 15th – 17th) then you want to clear your Tuesday evening schedule so you can come and play BIMGO!!


What is “BIMGO” you ask, well its the BIM version of Bingo of course. The idea is to get a BIMGO card and keep track of the words said during the BIMThoughts podcast recording. As words on your card are said you mark them off, extra points if you have a Bingo dauber…


or a lucky troll.


The game will take place during a special AU recording of the BIMThoughts Podcast at the Enscape Booth (2763) in the exhibition hall. The recording will take place Tuesday, Nov. 15th starting @ 6:30 pm and going to about 7:10 pm. After all the BIMGO fun is over, we will move the party over to the IMAGINiT Booth (2917) where the prizes will be drawn and awarded @ 8:00 pm.

All you need to play is a business card (used for draws later) and to be at the Enscape booth by 6:30 on Tuesday to get your BIMGO card.

The BIMGO cards are limited so show up early to not miss out on all the fun!


BIMGO is sponsored by the great folks at:

See you all there on Tuesday!


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