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Revit Tip – Revisions on Sheet

No matter how much you use Revit or even how long you have been using it there is always something new to learn. The other day while doing a Lunch & Learn session one of the attendees told me something I never knew and it blew my mind.

I was talking about put revision on sheets in Revit at the time of my mind being blown. I got the question of how do you get a revision to show up in the revision schedule without having to draw a cloud. Now I have been working with Revit since 2008, and I always thought this process was a bit of a pain because you really couldn’t do it without a workaround…the old cloud on the side of the sheet trick.


So I begin to explain that there isn’t really a good way to do that and that you need to just draw a small cloud off the side of the sheet (so it doesn’t print) and then the revision will appear on the sheet. Just as I’m finishing my demo to go along with my explanation, someone very quietly says “excuse me, but there is a way to do that actually”. They then processed to explain how it is done. Basically, while you are in the view of the sheet you wish to have the revision appear on, with nothing selected, you scroll down the properties of the view (in the properties palette). There under Identity Data is something called “Revisions on Sheet” with an Edit… button.


When you select this button you have access to all the revision in the project, and you simply but a check beside the one(s) you wish to appear on the sheet.


I thanked the attendee for sharing and let them know they had just blown my mind.


After the Lunch & Learn, I went back to see when this feature came into being, and I couldn’t find out. All I did find out was that it was a feature as far back as Revit 2014.

So I guess the moral of the story is never be afraid to share what you know. That, and it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

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