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Weekly Roundup – 2016.30


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of July 24th, 2016 – July 30th, 2016.

I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a post from Practical BIM about a subject that everyone in the BIM world has an opinion on…….a BIM Manager.

What makes a good Office BIM Manager?

Always good to get a little help from a friend, and in this case, the help was for an issue with groups in Revit. (Revittize)

Breaking model groups

Here is this weeks post from There’s No BIM Like Home.

PLQ2.3 – Object Naming (cont.) & House Layout

Now let’s check out all the news fit to be news from the world of RTC, from the RTC News Blog.


A Partnership Story in Porto

Happy Trails…

A somewhat sad postscript to the Happy Trails… post above written by Jim Balding, is that shortly after it came out it was also announced by RTC Events Management that Jim had stepped down from RTCem after 6 years to focus on his business and family. You can read the full announcement below, as posted by RTC Events Managment


It seems that it’s not just the RevitCat that has issues with the Stair Arrows in Revit, check out his latest post on the subject.

Revit Stair Path Arrows at Different Scales

This week the ConAppGuru posted about his 5 construction apps for July.

Five Apps for Construction July 2016

Here are the AEC/BIM Podcasts from the week.

EP07 – RTCNA 2016 Recap      (The Simplex Complex Podcast)

E44-RTC BIM STARS!      (BIMThoughts)

Episode 27 – Dennis Stejskal and Walter Davis from Sage & Construction Tech News      (The ConTechTrio)

Hard to believe that RTC NA was 2 weeks ago now, well we all love a good recap, so check out mine (The BIMsider).


For some RTC is more than a conference it’s their summer vacation! (CADLearning Blog)

What I Did on my Summer Vacation or RTC NA 2016 – The Best Little Conference in Arizona

Now for some 3D lines to be projected onto out Revit Topo, find out how in this post from Microsol Resources Blog.


For those just getting into Dynamo, this is a good introductory post from Applying Technology to Architecture.

Dynamo Time

Speaking of dynamo here is a helpful post from the Dynamo Blog about DXFs.

DXF Import and Export

Keeping on the Dynamo train lets learn how to hide some MEP center lines, thanks to sixtysecondrevit.

Hide #Revit Subcategories with #DynamoBIM

It was a busy week this week for the folks over at the FormIt 360 Blog, lots of goodness!

Meet Kimberly, FormIteer

Introducing the FormIt Primer

A dispatch from Arizona – RTCNA 2016

Let’s take a look at all the goodness that Luke gave us this week over at What Revit Wants.

How to Fix BIM 360 Refresh Crashing Navisworks, and Where Is the BIM 360 Cache?

Quick Repetitive Scaling in Revit

Overlay Drawing PDFs Directly onto the 3D Model in Revizto

Resolving System.IO.FileLoadException Error Notification in Dynamo

A couple post this week from Tom over at Fighting Dinosaurs, one might even be a little indecent?

A Modest Proposal (not like that)

Stephen F. Austin

Now for the next trick lets change some wall-based casework to face-based, find out how in the post from iRevit.

Converting Wall-based casework to Face-based in Revit

If you missed the “Maller Scale” at RTC NA 2016, it has now gone open source (Boost Your BIM).

MallerComplexity Family tool goes open-source

Have you thought about BIM for Fabrication? (Beyond the Silos)

Autodesk TechTank | BIM for Fabrication

Here is a little tip for your Revit walls, from The Architect’s Companion.

Common edges are not common knowledge

If there is one post to check off your list this week, this one from ArchSmarter is it.

Why You Need Checklists for Everything

What does the future hold for Construction Tech? I say the sky is the limit, but check out what the folks over at the BIM 360 Blog have to say.

The Future of Construction Technology

This week’s post about Revit Add-ons from the Revit Add-Ons Blog.

BIM Assure

Spare Amps Utility

MEP Space Namer Add-in

Create Worksets from Excel

Batch Modify Revisions on Sheets

There was a couple of good post on LinkedIn this week, check them both out below.

The Value of Experience by Kelly Cone

Take time to become Mentor, not a Complainer. by Bill Debevc

It’s that time of the week, for the Guru’s Gatherings, but the one and only ConAppGuru!

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 29, 2016

I will end this week’s Roundup with a great post on BIM Content management from The Revit Saver.

Content Library Management Best Practices



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