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Weekly Roundup – 2016.06


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of February 7th, 2016 – February 13th, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off with a post with a post about a segment of the market that doesn’t receive enough BIM (or app) love, check it out over at the ConAppGuru Blog.

Top Apps in 2016 for Residential Contractors

Here are a couple more post from the Guru (ConAppGuru that is).

The ConTechTrio Podcast Episode #1.2

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction Feb. 12, 2016

Now its time to take a listen to this weeks AEC and BIM Podcast.

Episode 029 – Grimshaw  (Designalyze Podcast)

Episode 41 – Joe wears  (The Architech Show)

Episode 1.3 – Construction Tech News, BIM Interoperability & Interview with @flux_io CEO Nick Chim  (ConTechTrio Podcast)

Don’t forget to signup the next FormIt Friday…’s FormIt Friday the 13th. (FormIt 360 Blog).

FormIt Friday! Episode 13! with Mike Engel

It been a while, but David Light is back blogging, check his latest posts on the Revit blog.

AEC Magazines’ review of AU2015

Project Expo

COBie Extension for Revit

Improving your skills

What’s new in the world of RTC, lets find out over at the RTC New Blog.

DTS Agenda

The Building Content Summit is Coming to Europe in 2016

Dropping Dynamo Knowledge in Singapore

Can You Keep A Secret?

RTCAUS 2016 – How are You Getting There?

Building Content Summit North America- Whats in a Name?

Time to talk about Revit Add-ons, so lets see what Tim has for us this week.

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store for the Week of January 24, 2016

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store for the Week of January 31, 2016

Here is an interesting tool for those that use Revit Parameters (so basically everyone that uses Revit), find out more at RevitNetAddinWizard

Revit Parameter Organizer

For those that are tasked with comparing models in your office, here are a couple of posts for you, from Revittize.

Navisworks compare

It’s In the Model “Collaboration for Revit”

Most people that work with Autodesk software heard the news last week about them letting 10% of their staff go, if you didn’t check out this post from REVIT Structure Learning Curve with all (okay maybe not all) of the details.

Autodesk 10% reduction in staff

This next post from All things Revit, Dynamo, and Python, reminds us that don’t need Revit in your workflow to use Dynamo.

Dynamo Data Pushing: BCFzip to Excel

If you are still in the fence about diving into the Dynamo pool, check out this hour long free Webinar from ArchSmarter.

Getting Started With Dynamo – Webinar Recording

We are rolling with the Dynamo posts, so lets keep rolling, this time from archi+lab.

automating curtain wall documentation with dynamo

We can’t talk about Dynamo with out share the fun you can have with it, check out this post from sixtysecondrevit.

Having Fun with #DynamoBIM Customizer

Now lets use Dynamo to remove some of our Revit warnings! (Daniel and Autodesk AEC software)

Revit warnings and Dynamo

If you are going to be in Vancouver nest week to attend the CanBIM event, you should check out the BIM freaks post, about what she will be doing for it.

CanBIM Vancouver February 16th-17th 2016

Time for a tutorial, a Revit family tutorial from the Revit Kid.

Revit Tutorial – Parametric pendant Light (Start to Finish)

Do you have tiny windows in your Revit, if you do (or don’t know what I’m talking about) then check out this post from RVIT.

Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

I thought the idea behind this post was pretty cool, as I had never really thought about a see-thru window in an elevation (Ideate Blog)

Did You Know That Revit Windows Can Have Transparent Glass In Elevation Views?

Now for some central knowledge…..or is that knowledge about centralizing? Find out which one it is in this post from the AUGI Library.

Internally Re-Centralizing (Sent and Received) Central Models

It seems Autodesk has come out with a new portal (website) dedicated to the CAD Manager (Shouldn’t that be BIM Manager?), learn more at the Synergis blog.


Check out this post from It’s Alive in the Lab about the updated Dynamo plug-in for Robot.

Free Updated Dynamo Plug-in for Robot Structural Analysis or React Structures Now Available via Autodesk Labs

Lets go check out all the BIM goodness from What Revit Wants this week.

Get a Free replacement AC power cord for your Surface Pro

Moving your Windows Temp folder so that Revit doesn’t Fill Up Your SSD with Temporary Files

Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 4 Direct Download Link

Free Cobie Sample Models for Download from Prairie Sky Consulting and @bondbryanBIM

Better Tekla IFC Export Settings for Revit Coordination

Okay so I will admit that much of this next post is a sales pitch from Autodesk about the new BIM 360 Docs, there are few good nuggets in it. (BIM 360 Blog).

Construction Collaboration Software For The Whole Team

If you are looking for some MEP Revit content, then check out this post from the BIM Toolbox.

Trouble finding Revit MEP Content?

Lets see what’s new over at DynamoNotes this week.

List Length Validator

Write to Excel using only Data and File Path Inputs


Write Excel



Prorubim DS Common Kit Node Index

What is Prorubim DS Common Kit?










Create Worksets for Revit Link Filenames

Set Link Instance and Type Worksets by Revit Link Filename

Workflow: Set Revit Links to Individual Worksets in a Federated Model



Get Column as List from Excel

Wildcard String Search One List in Another List (Faster)

Get Open Worksets

Get Worksets with all Properties

Get Crop Box List from View List

Override Projection Lineweight in View

I will end this weeks Roundup with a few of tweets from the week that I enjoyed.



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