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Weekly Roundup – 2016.04


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of January 24th, 2016 – January 30th, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off with a post from the Revit Kid on his newly released Video “BIM After Dark Volume 3” this one is all about custom families. (The Revit Kid)

BIM After Dark – Volume 3: We Are Family!

Others are talking about the new BIM After dark V3, check out what Paul Aubin had to say on his blog.

New Video Series by the Revit Kid

This is a cool little screencast from a co-working about creating an entire house using Dynamo and Revit.

Dynamo Custom Home!

Let take a look at a quick tip from RVIT Blog.

Quick Tip – The TEMP Folder

Here is another little Revit trick for equally spacing window spaces (distance between windows not the centres) from RVIT.

Equal Spacing Trick

Looking for some new app to try on the construction site in 2016, head over to the ConAppGuru blog.

Five New Apps for Construction in January 2016

If you have had issues with creating your local file in Revit, check out this post from Phil-osophy in BIM.

Can’t Create Local File

There have been a few post of late about the version build of Revit, while this is another, but with a twist (Revit OpEd).

Revit Version Build Update and Service Pack Naming

Some more wisdom from Steve at Revit OpEd.

Revit Extension and the Big Pause

Now lets check out all the RTC news from the week, over at the RTC New Blog.

Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?

BCS2016- Who is “changing the world” in BIM Content? (or: Conversations with other Platform users…)

RTC Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

Is BIM Better?

Record Number of Abstract Submissions for RTC Europe 2016

Land of the Long Weekend

The great website Revit.News (an Autodesk Revit related news aggregator) is on Twitter and now has apps!



Here is a helpful post if you are just getting into C4R (Collaboration for Revit) from the Microsol Resource Blog.


Now for some fun with plants and Dynamo, from Lauren over at the landarchBIM Blog.

Automatically Place Plantings in Areas

Lets looks at this weeks podcast from the AEC arena.

Episode 39 – Special guest Lauren Schmidt (The Architech Show)

Episode 027 – Gustav Fagerstrom (Designalyze)

ConTechTrio Episode 1 (ConTech Trio)

This next one is an oldie, but if you are using ACAD or Civil 3D it’s still a goodie.  (CAD Intentions).

Quit Wasting Time with these 5 Productivity Tricks

Now for some Revit MEP love from the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog.

Modelling Revit Pipes at a Vertical 45 Degree Angle

Are you having issues with your ACAD Icon showing up as part of your deployment? The check out this post from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

AutoCAD: Cannot Create a Custom Icon in my Deployment

Lets see  whats new this week over at What Revit Wants.

Decompile and Browse DLL Resources for Free

Two Ways to Solve the “Can’t edit the element until ‘problemUser’ resaves the element to central…” Revit Worksharing Issue

Now time for a post (and video) about slab detailing in Revit Structure, from BIM & Revit World.

How to use Revit Structure 2016 for slab detailing & arranging viewport

I’m sure if you are an Autodesk customer you have heard about their new license model this month (likely many times) but if you haven’t then you need to read this post from Applying Technology to Architecture.

Autodesk’s New Terminology for Licenses

Now for a great post from Practical BIM (they are all great posts on this site).

How to define BIM Use

Revit and Mac together at last……sorta….with the help of FRAME, learn more in this post from BIM & Revit World.

Autodesk offers official support of Revit for Mac

Here is the weekly gatherings from the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction Jan. 29, 2016

Here is a helpful list of PDF to DWG tools that are available, check it out over at CAD Panacea.

Tool for converting PDF to DWG

If you are into Dynamo, and you think other in your area are too, then you should start a DUG, find out more in this post from the Dynamo Blog.

Digging the DUG: Dynamo User Groups

Now for a couple of post from John over at sixtysecondrevit.

Retrieve an Element’s space in #Revit with #DynamoBIM

Rhythm on DynamoNodes

Lets see what was new over at DynamoNodes this week (starting with the name, last week it was called DynamoWorks).

Unicode Nodes

Select Elements by Curve


Lunchbox Room Element Collector

Filter Views with Two Criteria and Return Views

Send List to Clipboard as Single Line Breaked String

Use Floors to Make Named 3D Section Box View and Apply Template


Remove List from List by Item not Value



Standard Node Index


Bakery Node Index

Clockwork Node Index

Get Linked Element from Element Id and Doc

archi-lab Node Index


Rhythm Node Index

Set List of Values to List of Elements for One Parameter




Lunchbox Node Index

What is Spring Nodes?

Spring Nodes Node Index

Active View


Family Types


BlackBox Node Index

Ampersand Node Index

BumbleBee Node Index

Landform Node Index

Dynablaster Node Index

Lets end this weeks Roundup with a “funny” from the gang over at Architexts……because we have all been there!

When Clients Try To Design



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