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Weekly Roundup – 2015.50


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff –  for the week of Dec. 13th – Dec. 19th, 2015.

I will start this week’s Roundup off with what the future may hold for a great class for RTCNA 2016 as put forward by Marcello Sgambelluri. (Simplex Complex)

Hardcore Revit Site Topography Modeling Class Proposed for 2016

Lets see what Revit news Luke over at What Revit Wants has for us this week.

IFC for Revit updates released 12 December 2015

I will end this weeks Roundup with this link to a cool bit of info by Autodesk Research.

Command Usage Arc Diagrams

Check out this weeks FormIt Friday – Episode 11 – Yours truly was the guest! – FormIt 360 Blog.

FormIt Friday Episode 11 with Carl Storms!

If you missed AU a few weeks back, you still have a chance to see many of the great sessions with AU online (AU Blog).

All new AU Las Vegas 2015 sessions. Online. Now. Go.

Keeping with the AU theme here is a wrap-up done over 5 posts from the RVIT blog.

Autodesk University 2015 Grab Bag Wrap-up Part 1: It’s About Time

Autodesk University 2015 Grab Bag Wrap-Up Part 2: Not There Yet

Autodesk University 2015 Grab Bag Wrap-Up Part 3: Pie In The Sky

Grab Bag Wrap-Up Part 4: What I Can Use Right Now

Autodesk University 2015 Grab Bag Wrap-Up Epilogue

Now for some AU recap from Revit Beyond BIM, about his 2 classes.

Rebar modelling in Revit with Dynamo @ AU2015

Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers @ AU 2015

Classes at Autodesk University 2015 are online

Switching gears from AU to RTC, here is all the week’s news from the RTC News Blog.

It’s That Time Of Year

RTC Asia 2016: Behind The Scenes or “The Importance of 3-Phase Power!”

Smooth Sailing

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

BCS 2016- Planning Commences at Autodesk University!

More RTC fun, this post from from Kimberly Fuhrman over at CAD Panacea.

Looking Forward: RTCNA 2016

This week Steve asks the age-old question – “Properties Palette Where Art Thou” – Check it out over at Revit OpEd.

Oh Project Browser and Properties Palette Where Art Thou

This we another busy week for the folks over at BIM & Revit World.

Learn how to integrate Revit and BIM workflow with Autodesk’s Stingray engine to generate 3D interactive BIM models

Trimble introduces Sketchup 3d warehouse for Revit

GRAITEC launched Ball Post Railing Designer add-on for Autodesk Advance Steel 2016

Sometimes being a BIM Manager can be a lonely job, and no one know that better than Laura Kay Smith from the BIM Freak Blog. However she came up with 5 goals to help, check them out in the link below.

5 Goals of a BIM Manager

It’s that time of year when we send seasons greetings and look forward to what’s coming in 2016, check out what the BIM Jedi thinks 2016 will hold.

Seasons Greetings 2015

Speaking of that time of year, how about a little Concrete Santa, from All Things Revit Dynamo and Python.

Happy Holidays! The Story of Concrete Santa.

Hard to believe it has already been 2 years since the BIM After Dark videos came out, in honour of the anniversary the Revit Kid has released a Top Ten List.

2 years Later – Top Ten BIM After Dark Videos…

In case you missed it, check out this post from BIMopedia.

Autodesk University 2015 sessions now live

Keeping with AU 2015 here is another ReCap, this time from the Synergis Blog.

My ReCap from Autodesk University 2015

Here is what AECbytes Blog thought of AU this year.

Autodesk University 2015

Autodesk University 2015 (

This AU 2015 post is from the Develop 3D Blog and is a Q&A with the Autodesk Big Wigs!

AU2015 – Press Q+A with Autodesk top brass

Still more AU, this time from Beyond Design.

Autodesk University 2015 – Recap of The Year of Construction!

Still not done with AU 2015, check out this post in Revittize.

AU 2015 in review

Class from AU2015 about Revizto, check out more at the Revizto blog.

Revizto Class at Autodesk University 2015 got recorded. Watch, learn and get inspired!

If you have run into some Revit Project corruption, this post from Synergis Blog might help.

Revit Project Corruption

This is a neat little thing to know about Revit 2016, check it out over at iRevit.

Revit 2016 Autodesk Raytracer: Rendered sections can include poche

Everyone loves cartoons! (Hagerman & Company Blog)

Revit Cartoon Views – You say What!

Has your embedded schedule tab in Revit gone missing, then check out this post from IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog.

Revit Schedules – Embedded Schedule Tab Missing!

Keeping with IMAGINiT here are a couple helpful blog posts from their IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog.

Collaboration for Revit Q&A

You want to disable the dashed rubber band line

This is a good post if you do much “CAD” file exporting from Revit, check it out over at The Architect’s Desktop.

Revit: CAD Export Layer Mapping – Restore Subcategory Default

Are you ready for a new data management workflow, check out this post from BIM Toolbox.

New data management workflow video

Sometimes it’s good to just relax, or “Keep Calm” as the kids are saying these days – Cadline BIM Blog.

Autodesk: Keep Calm and Provide Support

Here are the first 4 parts of a 10 part series on Creating Loadable families in Revit – check them out over at Club Revit Blog.

Creating Loadable Revit Families

Here’s Part 2 of my 10-part series on Creating Loadable Revit Families

Here’s part 3 of my 10 part series on Creating Loadable Revit Families:

Here’s part 4 of my 10 part series on Creating Loadable Revit Families:

Now for a couple of posts from Daniel and Autodesk AEC software.

Revit file size

Revit builds

You can check out the latest from the BIMTech newsletter in this post from Duct Duct Pipe.

December 2015 Issue of our BIMTech Newsletter

How cool is this, Canstrcution designed in Dynamo! (KM Blog)


Here is an update on Project Soane from Paul Aubin’s blog.

More Project Soane

Some cleanup and updates for the Rhythm, learn more over at sixtysecondrevit.

Rhythm Cleanup and Updates for Override Nodes

So what do you know about disruptive innovation……and is it good for construction? (The Midnight Lunch).

Is Disruptive Innovation possible in the construction industry?

Here is a post from the Revit Geeks Blog about Revit 2016 R2.

Revit 2016 R2 Structural Beams to Columns

I will end this weeks Roundup with two posts about Star Wars, with all the hype this week it seems fitting .

What if the Death Star Used Construction Apps (BIM 360 Blog)

The Force Awakens in AutoCAD (Through the Interface) – May Contain Spoilers!


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