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Weekly Roundup – 2015.49


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff –  for the week of Dec. 6th – Dec. 12th, 2015.

So when you are busy with things like AU, you aren’t as delinquent as you should be with things like your blog, and event thought I mostly just post links to the awesome work other do, it does still take some time. Which is why now that AU 2015 is over this weeks post will be packed full of lots of multiple posts from all the best BIM blogs!

I will start this week’s Roundup off with a couple of posts from landarchBIM, one about a holiday deal on her Udemny course and another on creating a Dynamo Forest.

30% off Landscape Revit Training Course

Create a Forest with Dynamo

Here is a post from the BIM Freak about her time (and class) at AU2015 last week.

AU 2015 in review @autodesku #AU2015

Lets keep the AU 2015 theme going with this post from the BIMmuse about here 3rd day at AU2015.

AU2015, Day 3

Every week there are some good posts published by the folks over at BIM & Revit World, so check them out (and their very nice holiday themed blog page).

How to download the objects from BIMobject and use them in Revit & ArchiCAD

How to set up and render a scene with V-ray for Revit

How to create a stunning presentation with CAD and 3D Visualization process

Another great place to find multiple weekly posts about Revit and BIM is over at What Revit Wants!

How to Get Access to V-Ray for Revit Public Beta

Using @DynamoBIM for Production … video session and resources

Fix Flex Duct Geometry Failures by Using a Kind Of More Reliable Modelling Solution in @DynamoBIM

How to Set Up a View Filter To Manage All Applicable Categories

What type of apps do you like best – Point or Integrated? Fine out more on the topic over at the ConAppGuru blog.

Point Versus Integrated Apps: Which Is Best?

While you are at the ConAppGuru’s site check out his weekly gatherings too.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction Dec. 11, 2015

Now time for a post from a Revit Legend, Mr. Phil Read about Rednering speeds (check it out on Phil’s Linkin)

Rendering at the Speed of Now: Read | Thomas Proudly Partners with Inreal Technologies GmbH

Check out what you can do with AR (Augmented Reality) in this post from Extranet Evolution.

Augment – use AR to present your buildings

I don’t post much about Civil in this blog, but I thought this was worth the read, check it out at Synergis Blog.

BIM in Civil Engineering

If you are an Architect about to start your own firm, check out this post from the Revit Kid.

Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit: A Must Have!

Sometimes Autodesk needs to know what people want out of their software, and Revit OpEd is not shy to let them know.

Feature Request – Tell me Link Files Have Changed

Wish – Transfer Project Standards Organization

Another post from Revit OpEd about Revit 2016 R2.

Revit 2016 – Project Address

Have you been looking for an easy way to get files from the 3D Warehouse directly in Revit, well now for better or worse you can (

3D Warehouse Opens for Revit

Keeping on the SketchUp topic here is a post from the SketchUp Blog about what’s new in 2016.

Dig a bit deeper with SketchUp 2016

Here is another post from about Revit and Point Clouds

How to Create Revit Models from Point Clouds

Check out this post from IMAGINiT Support Blog about Revit Server.

Revit Server: Support File Size

So using Revit on a Mac is now supported by Autodesk……well sorta, learn more in this post from architosh.

Autodesk and Frame just put Revit on the Mac, Officially

Here is another interesting post from architosh about Revit.

Zebra Imaging Launches 3D Hologram Creator for Autodesk Revit

For all your the Dynamo Fun that happened at AU2015, check out thsi post from the Dynamo Blog.

Dynamo at Autodesk University 2015

Some more helpful hints about getting Topo into Revit, from Learning Revit.

Generate Toposurface in Revit from the Autocad file

Are you still struggling with making BIM profitable in your firm, then check out this post from Shoegnome.

Why BIM is Still Bankrupting Your Firm

How BIM can Bankrupt Your Firm (2012 Post)

It has been a busy week (weeks actually) over at the A360 Blog.

Markup support comes to A360 Web

The Biggest Jam Packed Mobile Update Ever!

A360 at Autodesk University 2015 – Highlights

This is an interesting post about 3D water with Dynamo from All things Revit, Dynamo and Python.

Follow up: Cutting Objects two Topography: 3D water

Ammo: Cutting Objects two Topography (original post the follow up was for)

Here is an AWESOME group of posts from Konrad Sobon over at arCHI lab

building revit plug-ins with visual studio: part one

building revit plug-ins with visual studio: part two

building revit plug-ins with visual studio: part three

create your own tab and buttons in revit

playing with materials in dynamo while drinking heavily

Here is this years AUGI Top Ten wish list, from Between the Lines.

AUGI Top Ten 2015

Here are a couple post from BIM and Beam.

BIM to Fabrication for Timber Prefab

Manage Structural Attributes in React Model

Just in case you didn’t know the future of design is code…..learn more over at Daniel and Autodesk AEC Software.

The future of design is code!

Some more love for AU last week, this time from Jarod Schultz.

Autodesk University

Here is another great set of Multpule post, this time about Dynamo mostly from the KM blog (Kyle C Martin)

What I Use Dynamo For Nearly EVERY Day

Dynamo for Digital Fabrication

Bespoke Brick Design

Dynamo-litia Boston – November 2015

Converting Space Planning Families to Revit Room Elements

Parametric Nameplate

FormIt 360 celebrated it’s 3rd Birthday at AU this year, and I’m glad I could help celebrate with 2 great class about it! Check out more in this post from the FormIt 360 Blog.

Happy Third Birthday FormIt at AU 2015

Here is a post from the IMAGINiT Buildings Solutions Blog about a Revit secret.

Secret Units Dialog Box in Revit

In case you missed it last week Autodesk announced BIM 360 Docs, learn more in this post from Paradigm Shift.

Announcing Autodesk BIM 360 Docs

Another post about BIM 360 Docs, this time from Revit Structure Learning Curve.

Autodesk Project Alexandria Becomes the Commercal Package BIM 360 Docs

Here is a post from Punto Revit (Revit Point)

Everyone loves Marcello, but….

This weeks Roundup for Revit Add-ins from the Revit Add-Ons blog.

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store for the Week of December 6, 2015

A little post about Stacked Walls in Revit from Revit.Com.AU


The Revizto team was at AU2015 too (Revizto Blog)

Revizto Team rocked the Autodesk University 2015 in Las Vegas!

Now time for all the news that’s fit to be news from the world of RTC, from the RTC News Blog.

Leaving Las Vegas

Awesome Screen Capture Tool: JING!

RTC Australasia 2016 Early Bird Registration Open!

Abstract Submission Coming Soon – RTC Europe 2016!

Now for some wisdom from the Shades of Grey blog.



So you want to add some Fireproofing to an HSS do you, then check out this post from Simply Complex.

Add Fireproofing to Structural W and HSS Round Columns Using DynamoBIM!

More Dynamo love, this time from John over at sixtysecondrevit.

Mullion Organization in #Revit with #DynamoBIM

This week there was a new Podcast released from The Architech Show (last one of the year).

Episode 37 – Let’s wrap this up.

Now for a couple of post on ACA from The Architect’s Desktop.

ACA: Unexpected Thawing and Turning On of Layers

ACA – Underline in Tag But Not in Schedule III

What does BIM mean to you? See if it’s the same as what is in this post and video from the B1M Blog.

What Does BIM Mean to Me?

More Multiple Post madness, this time from the Revit Geeks blog.

Foundation Walls – Wall Function

Revit 2016 R2 Background Processes

Revit 2016 R2 Background Process Calculation Failed

Align Eaves

Wall Vertical Structure Grayed Out

Even more Multiple posts! (The Revit Saver)

Autodesk University 2015: Business Card Management for Dummies!

Dynamo – Elk for DynamoBIM by Timothy Logan (this may be a re-post)

Architecture 456 – Downtown Bozeman Hybrid

Dynamo – Specification File Writer/Specbook Writer

Dynamo – Folder Creation Module

More stories of AU2015, this time from Up and Ready.

Up and Ready at Autodesk University 2015

I will end this weeks Roundup with a cool Dynamo tweet (and GIF) from Zach Kron.


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