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Weekly Roundup – 2015.45


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff –  for the week of Nov. 8th – Nov. 14th, 2015.

I will start this week’s Roundup off with this handy post I found on Linkedin about AU 2015 posted by Mark Decker

AU 2015 Cheat Sheet

Here is a handy post from BIM & Revit World about using Raytracer in Revit 2016.

How to use Render Raytracer in Revit 2016 for superior rendering work

What is MDM? if you’re not sure then check out this post form the ConAppGuru Blog.…….Spoiler it’s Mobile Device Management.

MDM Solutions for Construction Explained

Have you ever wondered is BIM the Answer? While Paul from Extranet Evolution was asked this question by a Microsoft blog……..check out is answers at the link below.

Is BIM the answer? (here is link to the Microsoft blog post)

Now for some Dynamo love from the Revit Kid.

Practical Dynamo – Apply Parameter Values

Speaking of Dynamo they have a new release out now, version 0.9.0 check it out (

version 0.9.0

Dynamo Studio and Dynamo4Revit 0.9.0 Release

More about Dynamo 0.9.0 from Sixtysecondrevit.

#DynamoBIM 0.9.0 == Great!

Sean from Paradigm Shift talks about the new versions of Dynamo in his latest post.

Dynamo, Nearing its Big Day

How about some Dynamo for MEP, check out this post in the AUGI Library.

Process Evolution

Keeping with Dynamo, let she what cooking for landscape in this post from landarchBIM.

Random Rotation and Height

It been a few weeks but we are still seeing (and learning) new things about the Revit 2016 R2 release, check out this post from the ideate Blog.

Linking Revit Models Project Base Point to Project Base Point With Revit 2016 R2

Now perhaps a new found issue with R2, from Revit OpEd.

Copy Monitor Wall Location Line Selection

And still more R2 fun from Revit OpEd.

Revit 2016 R2 – Changes to Underlay

Now lets switch gears and talk a look at some of the new features of FormIt 360 (Synergis)


Here is #3 in a series on being a Standout BIM Mangers from the BIM Jedi.

Being an Outstanding BIM Manager – 3   (1, 2)

The Autodesk Seek Add-in is out, check out more in this post from BIM & Revit World.

Autodesk Seek Extension for Revit

There is a new podcast this week from the fine folks at BIM Thoughts.


Another new pod cast this week also come out form the Designalyze team.

Episode 025 – Ana Garcia Puyol and Elcin Ertugrul

Now for some Revit wall joins……take it away Daniel and Autodesk AEC Software.

Wall joins

Here is another great post about Stairs in Revit from the one and only RevitCat.

True 3D RCP View of a Stair in Revit

Now for all latest news from RTC, from the RTC News Blog.

On Your Mark!

BIM in the Field. Success!

Update 2: The Syrian Refugee crisis

More issues when export Revit to NWC, check out BIMopedia for more info.

Continued.. “No suitable geometry found” when exporting from Revit to NWC

Have your voice heard and let Autodesk know what you want on the AUGI top wishlist for 2015.

2015 AUGI Wish List

Have you noticed that the “borrow license” option has moved in Revit 2016? Steve at Revit OpEd did (or at least a reader of his did).

Revit 2016 – Licensing Access has Changed

Steve has also posted his sessions from BIM Workshops on his blog (Revit OpEd)

BIM Workshops Sessions and Data

Here is a post from What Revit Wants about your Revit filters.

Access Revit View Filters in an Alphabetical List

We have some info on Revit 2016 R2, Brian over at The Revit Geek has been posting up a storm on some of the new features, and undocumented one as well.

Revit 2016 R2 reference planes

Revit 2016 r2 reference planes follow up

Revit 2016 R2 subtle change Sketch lines

Revit 2016 r2 Family Types Dialog

Revit 2016 Room Improvements

Parameters for Sheet List

Keeping with the R2 Love here is another post on the Family type changes from the cadline BIM Blog.

Revit 2016 – R2 Family Type Properties Improvements

Here are a few more good post from cadline BIM Blog this week.

Notable Extensions for Revit 2016

Revit 2016 Advanced Railing adjustment settings

Revit 2016 – Creating 3D Section Views

Revit 2016 Batch File Upgrader

Let find out what the ConAppGuru has found for his gatherings this week.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction Nov. 13, 2015

Here are a couple of good posts from A Word on BIM, I like the one about embedding A360 content into your blog!

How to Embed A360 content directly in your blogs.

New Autodesk Seek Extension Plugin for Autodesk Revit

We are past Dynamo for Dummies, we have graduated to Dynamo for Semi-Dummies, check out more over at All things Revit, Dynamo and Python.

Ammo: Replication Guides for (semi-) Dummies

If you have also graduated Coding for Dummies you might be interested in this post from arCHI-lab (you learn how to duplicate legends on to multiple sheets)

Revit beyond macros – building your tools as external commands

Have you ever thought about becoming the “Super User” of technology in your office? Then you need to check out this post from BIM on the Rocks.

Benefits to becoming the Technology Super User at your Firm

Here are a couple of posts from the CORE Studio Blog (Thornton Tomasetti) The VRX one is pretty cool!

VRX: Virtual Reality for Building Information Models

AEC Technology Symposium Videos Now Online!

Ok I’ve seen Jay speak a few time and he knows his stuff, but this video he did blew my mind! Check it out at Fear and Loathing in a CAD vs. BIM World.

Beliefs Don’t Map Reality | Question Your Knowledge


Last week I posted a link to the IMAGINiT Support blog with all the updates for Revit since 2012, well they have added the same list for a few more Autodesk products this week.

All Updates for Fabrication

All Updates for Showcase

All Updates for 3DS Max/3DS Max Design

All Updates for ACAD/ACA/AMEP/ASD

All Updates for Revit

This is a interesting post and video about Generative Design from the Its Alive in the labs blog.

Recurve Bow designed with Project Dreamcatcher

Here is a little more love for Revit 2016 R2, this time form Jarod Schultz.

Divide & Conquer: Thermal Zoning in Revit 2016 R2

And also from Revittlze.

Revit 2016 R2

Here is a helpful post on Revit R2 if you have had troubles downloading it, from Revit Clinic.

Downloading R2 for 2016…

Here are a couple of post from Shades of Grey about his latest work on Project Soane.



Time to get our your colouring books, and make sure you stay inside the lines this time (The BIM Jedi)

When to Colour Inside the Lines

Check out this Dynamo fix for RFI Sheets, from The Revit Saver.

Dynamo – RFI Sheet Generator Module Update

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with an awesome tweet from Marcello Sgambelluri (best roof cricket ever).


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