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Weekly Roundup – 2015.40


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff –  for the week of Oct. 4th – Oct. 10th, 2015.

I will start this week’s Roundup off with a post from the ConAppGuru about productivity apps for construction teams.

Five Productivity Apps for Construction Teams

This next post, while humours to some, does tell that we still have a ways to go before everyone knows what BIM and working in the “Cloud” really means. (Extranet Evolution)

1 In 5 Aussies think stormy weather affects cloud computing 

Here is a good post on collaboration in Revit from the Structural perspective from the AUGI Library.

Collaboration Motivation

Here is a couple of posts (of many) from the BIMhub worth checking out.

A BIM Class: The First Mile Stone

Do You Know What Owners Want from Your BIM?

All you ever wanted to know about RTC but were afraid to ask, from the RTC News Blog.

Run Revit Like a Pro

An Australian at RTCAsia

See You In Budapest!

Up next some helpful Revit tips (and one Navis SP update) from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Revit: How to Add Different Office Locations to your Title Block

Revit: How to Schedule the Area of a Filled Region

Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 3 is now available.

Keeping with Revit tips (and Navisworks tips) here are some great posts from What Revit Wants.

How to Download and Use Autodesk Seek Addin for Revit

Navisworks Manage 2016 Service Pack 3 Direct Download Links

BIM360 Integrated Shared Views with Navisworks Manage – its finally here! (This is a BIG one)

Convert Windows 10 Quick Access Items to Normal Shortcuts

Enable Multiple RDP (Remote Desktop) sessions in Windows 10

Three Techniques for Building Better Revit Content Libraries

This weeks Podcast from Designalyze is very entertaining as the tables are flipped and it is Zach and Brian that are begin interviewed.

Episode 022 – Zach and Brian

Learn about the “art of tool making” in this post from ArchSmarter……Spoiler at the end you don’t have a nice wooden bowl, but you may have is something a little more useful (hard to believe I know wooden bowls rock)

The Art of Toolmaking

Some big news out of IMAGINiT this week for the Owners and Operators out there, as they release they new Clarity version directed at that segment. (TenLinks)

IMAGINiT Launches Clarity Owner Data Portal

Some cool things coming down the pipe over at Dynamo blog.

Dynamo Customizer Beta now available!

The Space Planning Data Cycle with Dynamo

Some cool stuff with Excel, Levels, and Dynamo from the Parametric Monkey.

Levels from Excel

More Revit, Dynamo, and Excel fun, this time from

Revit to Excel with Included Column Headers using Dynamo

And yes still more with Dynamo, this time we liet Civil 3D in on the fun, check it out over at Daniel and Autodesk AEC Software.

Civil 3D to Revit with Dynamo

Its that time of year again, get your submissions in the the AUGI Wish List!

Wish List

Here is a quick tip about worksets from RVIT……wise, wise words!

Quick Tip – Workset Rule of Thumb

Rebar with Dynamo you say…….we if you are Dieter Vermeulen from Revit beyond BIM you do.

Rebar modelling in Revit with Dynamo – part 1

More Dynamo fun, this time with COBie, BIM 360 Field, and parameters too from the BIM Toolbox.

BIM 360 Field data to COBie? Dynamo can help

Parameter Mapping in Revit with Dynamo

Still more Dynamo fun, this time creating 3D rooms out of 2D Revit rooms, learn more at Simple Complex.

Create 3D Rooms in Revit Using DynamoBIM

Create Revit Grids from an Imported/Linked AutoCAD File Using DynamoBIM

Autodesk released a new (to them) vector drawing app/program for all 3 level of iOS (Mac, iPad and iPhone) learn more in this post from In The Fold.

Introducing Autodesk Graphic, a Full-Featured Vector Design and Illustration Application

Now for a couple of posts from the Cadline BIM Blog about Revit MEP.

Revit MEP 2016 – Customize System Types

Revit MEP 2016 – Create System Types

Here are the Guru’s gatherings for the week, from the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction Oct 9, 2015

Here is a great and very complete blog post about Revit stairs and their subcategory visibility from the RevitCat.

Revit Stair Subcategory Visibility

There was an update to the A360 app for iOS users this week, big feature you can now download your files and one in other apps (A360 Blog).

New on iOS: Download your Files & Open in Other Apps

I’m not a coder in any shape or form, but form my time listing to the Designalyze podcasts I have learned about the world as it relates to the AEC community, so I thought this post on AEC DevBlog was interesting. I have also added links the 3 “hacks” talked about in the post.

AEC Hackathon and Creating Workset with Revit 2016 API

Augmented BIM (Hack 1)

docQR (Hack 2) (this turns 2d views into 3d views in a viewer via a QR code)

SLACKIT (Hack 3)

Speaking of hacking, some how I missed this post from TT CORE studio a few weeks back out their new “Spectacles”

Announcing Spectacles

Here is some more Dynamo love, this time from arCHI lab.

Spaces and Space tags w/ Dynamo

And the winner for best blog post title from Beside The Cursor.

Revit – Black holes on Level Four, the Vortex of Doom, Thinking like Revit, and Best Practices.

Reality Capture is all the rage these days, to to be like the cool kids you should check out this post from Between the Lines.

Reality Capture Technologies for Architecture

There was a Service Pack or Navisworks that came out this week, which includes shared views………..learn more in this post from Beyond Design.

Introducing Shared Views with Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 3

Here are a couple of posts from BIM and Beam, one about SoFiSTiK and one about Lego……because Lego, and Earthquakes.

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation 2016 is Available

Lego Earthquake

This is a good summary of what A360 Team does, check it out over at BIM 42.

A360 Team

Revit and Dynamo, building a Bridge in Cali, find out more over at BIM on the rocks.

Revit and Dynamo help design first-of-its-kind arch bridge in California

For those out there that might be new to Revit, here are 3 post for you to help learn the fundamentals (BIMscape)

Revit Architecture: Shaft Openings

Autodesk Revit: Paste Aligned to Selected Levels

Revit Architecture: Using Dimensions to control model geometry

Now lets head over to Duct Duct Pipe (distant relative to Duck Duck Goose) for a couple of posts.

Autodesk Seek for Revit Plug-in

Autodesk React Structures Overview – Lab Preview

If you work with ideate, then this post will be of interest to you, learn more at the ideate software blog.

Color Revit Model Elements by Parameter Quickly Using Ideate BIMLink

Do you have BIM friends, do you want BIM friends…..then check out the post from Revit Structure Learning Curve.

BIM Friends

Lets head over to Revittize to check out their thoughts on Dynamo.

Revit + Dynamo = Customization

Here are 3 interesting post from Shades of Grey talking about his work on Project Soane (well 2 posts one is about his fireplace).

John Soane was here

The Continuing Saga pf John Soane

Stock Office Fireplace

Maybe we should start some Revit Shaming? Check it out here at Simply Reviting.

Revit Blooper

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at Dynamo Primer (The Architect’s Desktop).

Dynamo Primer – Update

The B1M mail 4 is out, get ti over at the B1M Blog.

The B1M Mail 4

This post is a little old, I missed it a few weeks back, but its worth posting (The Industry)

Autodesk Account Management – What You Need To Know

I admit I’ve been a little slack on getting all the good posts up every week as I’ve been busy getting my sessions ready for RTC Europe…… to correct that wrong here are some posts from The Revit Saver you should check out.

Bulk Family, Group and View Saver

Assembly Creation with DynamoBIM

Dynamo Customizer Beta

What’s New for Building Design with BIM

Håvard Vasshaug’s Dynamo Training and Revit Content Libraries

Architectural Conceptual Massing Design Options With DynamoBIM

ENGworks Releases BIMXChange for Revit 2016

I will end this weeks Roundup with news from Microsoft’s big announcements this week, and some info on the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Surface Book ($CDN)

Surface Pro 4 ($CDN)

Hands-on with Microsoft’s slightly improved Surface Pro 4  (MobileSyrup)

Microsoft announces Surface Book, a laptop that can turn into a tablet (MobileSyrup)

Hands-on with Microsoft’s impressive but expensive Surface Book (MobileSyrup)

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book mean business, but no big threat to Apple (ZDNet)

With new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft aims high  (ZDNet)

Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro: Here’s How They Compare (Laptop Mag)


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