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Weekly Roundup – 2015.20


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of May 17th – May 23rd, 2015.

We will start this weeks Roundup off with a neat little post from Revit OpEd about IFC in Revit 2016.

Revit 2016: IFC Observations 

Now for a little Bluebeam love from Carol over at Carol’s Construction Technology Blog.

Bluebeam Tip: Estimating and Layers

Here is a Revit tip about Snap, to keep you from Snapping from the Revit Kid.

Revit Tip – Snap Override for Less Frustration 

Keeping on the Tip Train here is a trip from What Revit Wants.

Two ways to fix a system classification vs system type error in Revit

Here are three neat posts about Revit (they could be part of the “Tip Train” too) from Cadline Blog.

Revit 2015 – Original Materials an Phase Filters

Adding a Custom Hatch Pattern to Revit 2015

Revit 2015 – 3D section View

This is the first post in a new series by the ConAppGuru, but this time its double the bang for your buck with 10 not 5 workflows.

The 10 Workflows for Apps on Construction Projects

Another post to do with Construction Apps, but this time from Extranet Evolution about the Plangrid app.

Plangrid gets $18m Funding

Now lets bring some Dynamo to this part, with the 6th post in a series by Revit Beyond BIM.

Dynam(o)ite your Design for Engineers – part 6

This next post from RVIT seems simple enough, but it can’t be over stressed even with all the technology we have today we still need to communicate (and do it well) to succeed.

How we Communicate

Have you ever wanted to do a slopped rail without a host, well the you need to check out this post from landarchBIM.

Sloped Railing without a host (you can also learn more here from Revit OpEd)

The BIM 360 family has grown once again, Autodesk has released BIM 360 Plan. (In The Fold).

Autodesk Simplifies The Construction Production Planning Process with BIM 360 Plan  

Here is more about BIM 360 Plan from Beyond Design.

Introducing BIM 360 Plan for Lean Construction Production Planning

If you are going to be in Vancouver next week (May 27th & 28th) then you should check this event out. Learn more from the BIM Jedi.

Reinventing Project Delivery – Vancouver

Now for some more easy to use Dynamo content from Marcello and Simply Complex.

How to find/Select Imported DWG in Revit using DynamoBIM

Because what would a Roundup be with out new Revit 2016 info……I know starting to get past the “New” phase(CadLearning Blog).

Revit 2016 New Features – More Multi-Disciplinary Enhancements

Here is some more what’s new, but this time for the Navisworks 2016 family, also by the CadLearning Blog.

Navisworks Freedom, Manage, and Simulate 2016 New Features – A First look

Not to be left out, here is some info on the new Revit MEP 2016 feature of including fabrication parts (Cadline Blog).

Placing MEP Fabrication Parts in Revit 2016

If you are thinking about moving to “Level 2” BIM then you should check out this article in AEC Magazine.

Transitioning to Level 2 BIM: Part 2 (Part 1)

Check out this weeks Podcast over at BIMThoughts.

S1E9 Steven Shell

Here are a couple of Tweets from Scott Davis about the cool need Revit Add-in for FormIt 360 to allow to convert RFA’s and Sketchup Files to FormIt 360 content…….as well as begin able to convert FormIt 360 Content to RVT.

5-21-2015 4-23-25 PM

5-21-2015 4-23-04 PM

You can get the Add-in from the FormIt 360 site.

 FormIt 360 Convertor

And now that you have downloaded the file converter for FormIt 360, here is a post by Tobias Hathorn

How to use FormIt 360 File Converter Add-in

Check out this week in Construction Blogs post from the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction May 22, 2015

Here are 4 posts from the RTC News Blog, One about the Father of RTC (Wesley Benn), One By him on how RTC AUS 2015 went, One about the progress of registration for RTC NA (sign up here if interested), and the last one about where all the people are coming form for RTC NA 2015.

His name is Wesley….




If you are thinking about, or in the middle of a BIM Implementation (BIMplementation) then a Roadmap might help from MicrosolResources

BIM Implementation: A Roadmap on how we can help

Keeping with the Roadmap theme, having a plan of attach for your project, and how you are going to share and collaborate on that project (and with the project data) is a good thing. Find out more in this post on the CASE blog.

Planning Your Project for Better Interoperability

Here is a post about a “half baked” post on a Dynamo package from What Revit Wants.

Bakery for Dynamo

Luke at What Revit Wants also add this helpful post if you are looking for some info on Building Design and Construction with BIM.

Upcoming Web Events for Building Design, Fabrication, Construction and Infrastrcuture

This is a cool post from Philip of Phil-osophy in BIM that he learned from Brian Mackey & the CAD-1 guys on Revit Radio.

Wall by Face via Generic Model Family

If you work in Revit MEP then this next post is pretty cool (it’s pretty cool even if you don’t work with MEP), post in AUGI.

BIM: Then and Now 

Here is the latest from Marcello and Simply Complex on Dynamo for the everyman (or everywoman).

Change Room Text in Revit to Upper Case using DynamoBIM

More fun with coding (or should I say Macros) from ArchSmarter……..and for the record I hate it when the city doesn’t like my font!

Easily Replace Revit Fonts with this Macro

Check out the latest post on the FormIt 360 Blog……Live form Atlanta its AIA

FormIt Friday – Episode 3 – Live from AIA!

This post is a little old (a week or so) but still kind of interesting, Autodesk has released all the files (made them open-source) for there 3D printer. Learn more at Between the lines.

Autodesk Open-Source Ember 3D Printer Design Files

Wondering how Revit 2016 really performs? Well then check out this posts from Inside the Factory.

Revit 2016 | Project Performance – Part 1

Revit 2016 | Project Performance – Part 2

I will end this weeks Roundup with a couple of laptop reviews for those looking for a new and ultra portable BIM laptop. (AECMAGAZINE)

Review: HP Zbook 15u

Review: Lenovo ThinkPad W550s



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