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Weekly Roundup – 2015.13


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Mar. 29th – Apr. 4th, 2015.

We will start this week with a couple of posts from Steve over at Revit OpEd, one a reminder and one about the new joys of Revit updates in the time of “R2”.

Remember Reveal Constraints

Installing Updates and 2015 R2

Do you like cool tools for Revit, then check out this post from Luke at What Revit Wants.

Selection Tools included with BIMiTs Revit Plug-in

If you work in construction you have likely heard the term “Lean Construction” well now it has it’s own apps. Check out this review of lean construction apps from ConAppGuru.

Apps for Lean Construction

Here is a post from the Revit Kid about how Lumion and Revit play nice together for Revit Renderings.

From Revit to Lumion – The Ultimate Review

Here is another post/review on Lumion and Revit, this time from What Revit Wants.

Using Lumion 5.3 with Revit for Rapid, Realistic and Effective Presentations. 

Another good post from what Revit Wants, this time about all the cool updates for BIM 360 Glue that happened this week.

Glue Updates and 2016 New Features

If you use Revit you are likely aware that the “Moves with nearby elements” is a command to to be trusted, and for most not to be used. Well the RevitCat disagrees and has posted a series about how to use it better.

Moves with Nearby Elements – Non-Hosted Revit Families (Part 1 here)

Here is another good post by Revit Cat, this time a fix for 2015 R2 (Revit) rail selection issues.

Revit Railing Selection Fix in V2015 R2

Here are three a helpful posts from IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Revit: Encountered an improper argument

Revit: Project and View Rotation Options

Revit: Transfer Project Standards

I learned something new from Revit OpEd every week, and this week I learned a few things. Check this great posts below:

Family Offered as Work Plane Choice

Detach from Central versus Save as – Make this a Central Model after Save

AutoCAD 2015 Tip – Align Tool

Keeping with the Revit OpEd posts for this week, here are three that deal with Survey Points in Revit.

Survey Point

Survey Point – Post 2

Survey Point – Post 3

Over the past couple of weeks Scott over at the BIM Jedi has been posting about the retrospective process of a project, this week is part 4 (the final chapter).

Project Retrospective; Part 4 (Part 3) (Part 2) (Part 1)

For all you landscape architecture out there, these posts are for you, complements of landarchBIM Blog

Hardscape Floor vs Roofs

Split Surface: How does it Work?

The latest Autodesk Viewer is out in the labs, keeping with the current A360 naming it is called…….wait for it “A360 Viewer” (A360 Blog).

In the Lab: What’s coming up in the new A360 Viewer

Another post from ConAppGuru, about an slope calculator app.

Excavation Slope Calculator App: TrechSafety 1.0

Here is a neat post from In The Fold about what’s coming in reality computing.

The Next Generation of Reality Computing Technology is Here

Are you thinking of submitting to speak at AU this year? If so check out this post from The BIM Jedi about the upcoming call for proposals.

Autodesk University Call for Proposals

Speaking (or typing) about AU here is the official link to all you need to know about AU 2015 (Autodesk University)

Call For Proposals

The BIM Jedi is also letting us all know that RTC NA 2015 registration is now open, and selling out fast (Early bird was sold out in less than an hour).

Revit Technology Conference Early bird Registration

Here are some good video tutorials from the team over at the CASE Blog.

Custom data tables within a Revit model

Sophisticated door schedules in Revit

Automate room renumbering in Revit using Dynamo

This is another post from CASE Blog, this time about how to approach training in AEC firms.

How Firms Should Approach Training

If you are looking for were to find the latest 2016 downloads from Autodesk, What Revit Wants has you covered.

Autodesk 2016 Direct Download Links

Do you use the Propagate Extents Button (I don’t) if you do you should read this post from ideate Solutions Blog.

Is my propagate extents button broken in Revit?

Here is some Dynamo content for this week’s Roundup from Simply Complex.

How to Scale Any DynamoBIM Geometry

More Dynamo from Enjoy Revit.

Custom Nodes for Dynamo

I will end this weeks roundup with something a little different, here is a review of a work station from BOXX, very nice unit! from DE (Desktop Engineering)

BOXX APEXX 2 Review: Peak Performer


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