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Weekly Roundup – 2015.11


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Mar. 15th – 21st, 2015.

I’m going to start this weeks post off, the same as last weeks, with a blog post from the RTC Blog about the schedule for the upcoming RTCNA 2015 event. This time it’s a post letting the the people who submitted to speak know if they got a “Golden Ticket”…….I’m proud to say I got 2 of them!

Speaker Acceptance Letters

Here is one of many posts I assume will be coming about other BIM bloggers out there getting their RTCNA Acceptance (mine will be posted next week).

RTC NA (The BIM Jedi)

This week ConAppGuru posted part 4 of his what to watch in 2015 series about Construction Apps.

Apps to Watch in Construction for 2015 (Part 4)

Here is a quick tip from the Revit Kid for quicker sheet Creation.

Revit Tip – Schedule Technique for quicker sheet creation 

This is a post from a new (to me) Blog called Waveform, about the new Autodesk public beta “Memento

Using Autodesk Memento

This is a cool post that’s a little late, but it’s from the DynamoBIM blog and it’s in honour of last weekends “Pi Day”

Pi Day = 3/14/15

If you haven’t already update your Revit and C4R to the latest releases, here are the direct links from What Revit Wants.

A360 Collaboration for Revit Version 4 Direct Download Links

Revit 2015 Update 7 Direct Download Links

This is a follow-up post (part 2) from one that the BIM Jedi post last week about looking back on a completed project.

Project Retrospective: Part 2

This is a good one, better get some popcorn before you read this one (ok not really THAT exciting but cool idea). This is an interview conducted by SolidSmack that asked both Carl Bass and Jon Hirschitch the same 6 questions about CAD and the Cloud……enjoy!

Carl Bass + Jon Hirschtick = CAD in the Cloud Interview of the Year

This is a post you should read if you are using central files in 2015 (or creating them at least), comes from Revit OpEd.

Be careful creating a central file in Revit 2015

This next post from BIM Freak about her experience on a resent BIM speaking trip, reminded me of another good post of her’s (also reference in the current post. Enjoy both posts below!

My trip to the Bay area thank to @ IdeateInc

5 ways to promote BIM office education

You do much work with Revit MEP and pipes? then you should read this post on that subject from What Revit Wants.

Changing the Workset of Pipe Insulation in Revit

You may be asking yourself, what do High Speed Trains and BIM have in common? Well for the answer (or an answer) check out this post from AECBytes.

High Speed Rail and BIM

This is a post about why you should try, try and try again, its also good if you are looking for some goof valve families. Check it out in the AUGI blog.

Trail, Error, Success

Late this week (Thursday Mar. 19th) Autodesk opened the curtains and let the world see a peak at what ACAD 2016 will be all about. Below are some posts that talk about just this…….ACAD 2016:

AutoCAD 2016 Products (Between the Lines

AutoCAD 2016 Videos (Between the Lines)

AutoCAD 2016 Preview Guide (Autodesk)

AutoCAD 2016 (Through the Interface)

Introducing…AutoCAD 2016! (Part One) (Lynn Allen’s Blog)

AutoCAD 2016! (Part Deux) (Lynn Allen’s Blog)

What’s new in AutoCAD 2016 (Ascent Blog

OK now for something not ACAD, lets talk about Dynamo. This post comes from arCHI + Lab and tries to help us understand operators.

Understanding operators in Dynamo 

Some more Dynamo, this time for the Engineers in the crowd, from the BIM and Beam blog.

Dynamo for Engineers

This Dynamo post is about sheets and comes from sixtysecondrevit.

Dynamo – Sheet of Sheets

And one more about Dynamo, this time from Simply Complex.

How do you know you selected a Revit Element using DynamoBIM?

This post is a little old, but still worth a look if you haven’t looked (or played) with FormIt lately (from the FormIt Blog).

Have you looked at FormIt lately?

Here are 2 interesting posts from Beyond Design, one about Point Layout, and one about what to do after you shampoo your data…..

Create True As-Built Models from Points Collected in the Field

The Move to Data Conditioning

I get asked about thsi next post a lot, so for those wondering check out thsi post from HOK BIM Solutions.

Ensuring your families “make the Cut”!

If you are an IMAGINiT customer and use their Revit Utilities, then this post might have a handy tip in it for you. (IMAGINiT Support Blog).

Excel Link Tool to add Rooms or Sheets in Excel

This post from RevitCat lets you know all you need to know about copying views in Revit.

Copying Views Between Revit Projects

I will end this weeks post with one more about Dynamo, but more about what people (people more creative then me) can do with it. Check out the Proving Ground Post to see what I mean.

University of Nebraska – Computational Design with Dynamo & Revit

Below is just a taste check out the blog post for more mind blowing creations with Dynamo & Revit!


Credit: Student – Alec Eastman



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