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Weekly Roundup – 2015.09


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Mar. 1st – 7th, 2015.

I will start this weeks Roundup off with a post from a Regular here on the Weekly Roundup, What Revit Wants. This post is about apply visual styles to your Revit entourage.

Apply Visual Styles to Entourage content in ant View in Revit?

Again this week we have a lot of great quick post from Steve over at Revit OpEd, Enjoy!

Cannot Create a Local File

Saving Backwards (no Revit won’t let you do, and here is why)

I re-blogged this post earlier in the week, but if you missed it, it’s worth a look now. The people over at landscape architecture + BIM have put out 2 poll questions about the possibility of putting together a Revit training course focused on Landscape Architecture.

Quick Poll: Revit Training Courses?

Last week I post the first part of this look into the future of Construction Apps by ConAppGuru, this week Rob McKinney has posted the 2nd part.

Apps for Construction to Watch in 2015 (Part 2)

Apps for Construction to Watch in 2015 (Part 1) in case you missed it last week

Are you looking for an easier, or perhaps less tedious way to create many sheets (100’s) in Revit? If so then you need to check out this tip video tip from the Revit Kid. P.S. I have the BIM after Dark Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 both are great tools!

Revit Tip – Copy/ Paste for quicker Sheet creation

Here are some more tips and tricks for Dynamo from the Dynamo BIM Blog. #6 will make you smile 🙂

3-2-2015 2-46-30 PM

5..8 Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

 0..4 Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

To keep with the Dynamo theme here, let give this weeks batch of tips and tricks from Simply Complex. Marcello has been post great quick post for all Feb, and looks like its going to continue in March, Awesome!

How to Set a Type parameter in a loadable family using DynamoBIM

is the Divided path and Repeater Limit of 200 in Revit a Problem? Want More? Use DynamoBIM!

Ever wanted to use the Revit “Repeater” command on a loadable family other than an Adaptive Component?

Ranged Expressions using Design Script in DynamoBIM

This post comes form the bimblog, and is about usable model with a good BIMPEP (or PxP).

Creating a Structured Usable Model BIMPEP, Do’s and Don’ts

This next post is about “Level 3 BIM” the ultimate goal (at lest in the 3 level system) of BIM. Read more in the blog from Extranet Evolution.

For Level 3 BIM, read Digital Built Britain

Have you been having issues with your Civil 3D imports to Revit? landscape architecture + BIM can commiserate with you.

Revit and Strange Civil 3D Behavior

This blog post is from ConAppGuru, and is about why using a non-Apple tablet for construction might be for you (hint mouse)

The Use Case for the Samsung Tab 4 tablet in Construction

This next post from ThinkBIM is about something we need to bring here to Canada – “BIMbeers” and “Brew & Learns”

Did someone day BIMbeers???

Over at the BIM Jedi (formally the Revit Jedi) Scott as really be exploring VR and it’s roll in Architectural design, learn more in his latest post.

Where Virtual Reality is Taking Architectural Design

This post is about a neat new tool that can extract point cloud data as geometry, learn more in this post from BIMcolab.

Faro Scene gets a boost from Kubit

Here is another new to me blog about Revit called Revit Reflections, in this post they talk about what makes a good Revit Library

Kit of Parts

While we are talking about new to me blogs(or sites), here is one more called MasterGraphics, with some useful Revit Extensions.

Useful Revit Extensions

Here are 2 nice post about Dynamo from arCHI + lab.

Topo tools for Dynamo

Building shape tools for Dynamo (Part 2 of above)

Here is another Dynamo related blog, this time from the Proving Ground. Nathan lets us know what’s new with the lates Rynamo and LunchBox updates.

Rhynamo and LunchBox Updates

This week Autodesk release a big (Huge according to them) update for FormIt for IOS and Web. Check it out at the FormIt Blog

HUGE update to FormIt iOS and Web

This next pot from BIM Troublemaker takes us back to 1989, a fine year for Technology!

BIM is Too New, We still need time to figure it out!

Here is one more post about Dynamo, this time a little fix, or workaround for copy an dpasting. This comes from sixtysecondrevit.

Copy/Paste between Dynamo Graphs (.dyn files)

This post is about a “click saver” and it comes from the Jarod Schultz blog.

Copy Elements from a Linked File

For you Navisworks fans out there this one is for you, and it comes from What Revit Wants.

Recording a scene Animation to convert to a Viewpoint Animation in Navisworks

I will end this weeks Round up with the Autodesk Show Reel 2015, a 2 minutes video that showcase are the incredible things Autodesk Customers have done using the wide range of Autodesk software. Head over to Shaan Hurley’s blog Between the Lines to see the video.

Autodesk Official Show Reel 2015


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