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Weekly Roundup – 2015.06


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Feb. 8th – 14th, 2015.

I will start this weeks Roundup with a post form the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog about secret worksets. Spoiler alert this post is about Revit worksets and visualization.

Revit – Secret Workset

This is the first of I’m sure many Dynamo posts this week. This one comes from Simply Complex with a quick and easy little program to see rooms in 3D.

Want to view your Revit Rooms in 3D? You cant in Revit… Use DynamoBIM

Want 3D Rooms in Revit? Use DynamoBIM

Have you wanted to know how do you export shared parameters in Revit? Well take a look at this post from IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog.

Revit Export Shared Parameters

Another good post from IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog on the Revit 2015 R2 update if you have not already made the upgrade (or did and had problems).

Revit 2015 R2: Project Upgrade Procedure

Its good to see Steve at Revit OpEd back in the grove after the Month of January off. Here are some of his post for this week.

Revit 2015 MEP – Calculations and Performance

Leaders and Tags

Tags and Instance Parameters

Revit MEP – Detail Callout Bias or Gotcha

Sorting Parameters – Shared Parameters and Projects

Visibility of Floors and their Parts

This next post is part 2 of last weeks post from ConAppGuru about AGC Tech Forum.

AGC Georgia Tech Forum Jan. 2015 Part 2

Do you like to think? Do you like BIM? Then you should head over to BIM ThinkSpace and check out the latest episode #22 and find out about the Wedge and the S-Curve. Are the the same or are they different when it comes to BIM maturity and performance.

Episode 22: The Wedge and the S-Curve

This next post is from CADZulu and is about free things, and we all love free things!

Free CAD Models (2D or 3D content)

New things on the way for Dynamo. If you are brave yo can test them out now in the latest daily build. You can also ready this post from the Dynamo Blog talking about the new stuff, like Icons and Special Characters and more.

 New Tools in the Daily Builds: Library UI, Special Characters, and Custom Nodes

If you have been looking for some more info on C4R or CFR (both are Collaboration for Revit), then Autodesk has what you need to some new videos posted. I found these vid’s thanks to a post from the BIM Blog.

Collaboration for Revit

More quick tips about Navisworks from What Revit Wants.

If you want a quick way to differentiate between two datasets in the Selection Tree in Navisworks…

This is a post about BIM 360 Field, and updates to the Library feature, found on the 360 View Blog.

BIM 360 Field – Library and Publish API Updates

Another post about BIM 360 Field this time from Beyond Design about versions.

BIM 360 Field: Versions for Documents!

Have you worked with the BCF format? If so this post id worth the read, from BIM 42.


More on A360 info, this time about Project Types, from the A360 Blog.

A 360 project Types – Which is right for you?

Everyday I see new things that Dynamo can do, and having worked on a project with random colour patterns this post from Phil-osophy in BIM would have been a HUGE time saver.

Randomize Color and material in Revit – Dynamo Style!

I have worked with the Topo features in Revit, and while they have got better with the addition of the new Site Designer tool in Revit 2015 R2, they are still not the best. This workflow from landscape architecture + BIM can be a big help if you are trying to do a green build.

Topo Above Structure 

Have you ever thought about using Revit for cost summation, well so has Synergis.

How to use Revit cost summation

This next post from the BIM Jedi reminds us to always remember the golden rule….of Collaboration.

The Golden Rule of Collaboration

A360 now with new Commenting Features, read more on the A360 Blog.

 “Commenting on the Latest release for A360

The FM world and the Construction world keep getting closer and closer related, read more in the last post from AECbytes Blog.

AEC Technology Updates: Construction and FM Applications

If you are looking for a quick fix for Duplicate Mark Warnings in Revit, head over to What Revit Wants for a solution that might work for you.

Quick Fix Duplicate mark Warnings

I have not played with Google Cardboard, but after reading this blog post from the Revit Kid I might just have to make the $25 investment.

Using Revit with Google Cardboard (Virtual Reality Goggles)

I would like to have the penultimate post of this week be this one from In The Fold about the Archi-World Academy Awards. Some really cool stuff here.

Archi-World Academy Awards 2015 Celebrate the “Future of Architecture”

6a017c3334c51a970b01b7c74b1dbf970b  6a017c3334c51a970b01bb07eecec6970d

I will end this weeks Roundup with a cool new technology from SMART called kapp, the white board gone digital (but you still use a normal dry-erase marker!) I got to play with this a little a few weeks back at our local BIM user group meeting which was held at SMART’s local Campus, its really cool!

SMART kapp


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