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AU 2014 Speaker Winners

I just wanted to take to do a quick Post to congratulate all of the 2014 Speaker winners for Autodesk University.

Here are our 2014 winners

  • The Newbie Award: Mark Shapiro (9.47)
  • The Hands-On Lab Award: Marcello Sgambelluri (9.94)
  • The Roundtable Award: Robert Green (9.54)
  • The Lecture Award: Jeanne Aarhus (9.78)

The scoring system is based on the average of 5 categories with a maximum score being 10. I was lucky enough to attened 2 of Marcello Sgambelluri’s classes and he is a great speaker. I was able to see any of the other speakers but they must have been great too.

Find out all the details here from the AU Speaker Blog

Announcing our AU 2014 Speaker Award Winners

I’m already looking forward to next year!

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