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Scan to BIM 2015.1 from IMAGINiT Released Today (Oct. 1st/14)

If you do much work with Point Cloud Data and Revit, then chances are that you have used or at least heard of Scan To BIM by IMAGINiT. This is a Revit add-in that allows you to easily transform Point Cloud data into actual Revit model elements. Well today Oct. 1st, 2014 IMAGINiT has released it’s latest version 2015.1

This release has many small improvements and one major feature that changes the way Scan To BIM is used for piping with the addition of an “easy button” like feature called Auto-Find Pipes. This feature when used will scan the entire point cloud or a selected area and look for pipes then create matching pipe runs using native Revit geometry.

Existing customers will get a notification starting mid-morning today with details on this update. If you are interested here is a video playlist of some of the items in 2015.1: YouTube

A few more items in this release to make note of:

  1. Help File is now web based, we can edit and update for all users at any time (ie add a more detailed example)
  2. More Tutorials, added via the app but pulling from our Youtube playlist for STB 2015.
  3. Tweak to Deviation, smaller numbers and Grid Deviation now supports placing numbers in the grid view (centre of each grid) as shown in the video above.
  4. The Adjust Pipe feature has now been moved from the Create Pull down Menu to the Modify Menu
  5. Added new settings for update check and close dialog after creation.

You can see the official press release here:

Scan To BIM 2015.1 Press Release

Happy Scanning, and then even happier modeling!

The BIMsider

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