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Weekly Roundup – 2014.03



The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Aug. 3rd – Aug. 9th.

I’m excited the have found out this week that one of my favourite Blogs is back this week after a 2 year hiatus, join me in welcoming back Inside the Factory. You can read about what they are doing with the updated site on there first new post listed below

REVITalizing Inside the Factory

Steve over at Revit OpEd goes into a little more detail about what or why Inside the factory is back so they can showcase the new Revit Preview called Sundial

Revit Sundial and Inside the Factory

More on Sundial from What Revit Wants

Sundial and no NDA?

This is an interesting idea, but the production staff might think it is just another way for “Big Brother” to spy on them. However from a BIM management perspective i can see it being a useful tool to all to your BIM tool box. This info comes from the What Revit Wants blog, who is sharing it from a new to me blog called BIM 42

Tracking Revit Model Performance

The benefits of using the URL parameter in your Revit schedules or Families from What Revit Wants

The Power of a Simple URL parameter

Steve from Revit OpEd tells us about three way to work (or work around) with those pesky Revit tags.

Tagging Elements

If you follow Boost your BIM you might have seen this post already on an API approach to removing unwanted viewport types that purge all just won’t remove.

Deleting unused Viewport Types

There is also an update to this post above, if you are working with Revit 2014 and not Revit 2015 as in the original post

Deleting (almost) all Viewport Types in 2014

This is a good post from Cn3D Construction about how to colour your Navisworks model they way you need it for Construction collaboration, aka with simple colours not textures or materials.

Navisworks Rendering vs. Shading 

Here is a post from the Autodesk 360 Blog that talks about the possible pit falls of moving to the Cloud and how to avoid them.

Mistakes to Avoid when Moving to the Cloud

I saw this picture below on the DraftSight Facebook page and though it was good way to end this week’s Roundup


I think all bridges should be painted to look like Lego!


Have a great weekend

The BIMsider

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