If you are in the market for some powerful hardware for your BIM Software, then look no further than BIM BOX

Listen to Buck Davis talk about his passion, and BIM BOX in this episode of the BluePrints PodcastThe Buck Stops Here.

Read Bucks post on LinkedIn about the troubles of the $2,000 computer –  The most expensive thing you can buy is a $2,000 computer.

All you need to know about why they should be your BIM hardware go-to can be found in their mission statement:

The mission at BIMBOX is to create the best computers for the AEC industry: enhancing the ability to create and innovate while providing our clients with world-class support and customer service.  

BIMBOX was founded to solve many problems the AEC industry is facing today: computers that do not meet the hardware requirements for the new software applications the industry is using to streamline the processes of design and construction.  

The founders of BIMBOX regularly use the AEC software applications that demand extreme processing power and speed.  They also understand the hardware demands of these applications and how to configure the optimal combinations and configurations of that hardware to best serve the software demands as well as the present and future needs of their customers. Standard computer solution providers cannot provide the industry what is needed to get the job done because they do not understand the users’ present needs, let alone prepare them for the future.

BIMBOX knows saving time is saving money in the AEC industry.  Transform your computing capabilities by using the right hardware for the task at hand – from Revit modeling and real-time rendering to processing 3D point clouds of a major project – BIMBOX will crush through the data and get the job done fast. 

Have questions, then head over to their website: or find them on twitter: @BIMBoxUSA

Buck Davis and his team are always happy to help those looking for the best in BIM Hardware.